First blog post ever

Hello to whoever ends up reading this,

This is my first blog post, so I thought I should make a little introduction post to tell you some random things about myself and the “direction” I hope to go with this blog.

I’m Ellie

I am in college studying business.

I am trying to have a positive attitude about all situations.

I love  breakfast foods… french toast, pancakes, oatmeal.

I go to as many concerts as possible and listen to all kinds of music.

Running is my favorite activity, with grocery shopping following close behind.

ABC family has the best TV shows.

I’m vegetarian… partially because I love cows.

I want to help people with whatever career I have someday.

This blog is going to be about all kinds of things… adventures in my life and any topic that seems blog-worthy.

Many blog posts to come! And thank you if you read this awkward introductory post!

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