The Importance of Positivity

Recently, in the last month or so, I have been focusing on being happy and positive.  At first it seems like it is hard to smile during the negative situations life brings you, but it is actually much easier than getting mad, sad, frustrated, etc.  I haven’t had a bad day since I have started focusing on positivity.  I find myself telling other people that the situation isn’t as bad as it may seem.  I have also been noticing that the things I used to get mad or upset about are so little compared to other things in life.  I have realized that there is no point in dwelling on those things or having a negative attitude when I can just think about all of the good things or about how happy I will be after I take on a challenge or do something that isn’t exactly ideal for me.  It is funny because people I work with or talk to during the day think I am a little weird for saying that everything is going to be good in the end or just being really positive or excited about little things.  All of the ovens, refrigerators, etc. in the cafe at work could stop working and I would still be ready to take on the day, while telling everyone that it would all work out.  I think that a positive outlook is so essential in life because it is so much easier to work hard, be thankful for what you have, and enjoy everything that life has to offer.  I am definitely a happier person now that I always look on the bright side and I think that makes the people around me a little happier too.

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