I Launched My Podcast!!

I finally launched my podcast and I am so excited! I know I have been talking about it/writing about it for over a year now, so it feels so great to finally have it up and running. It is crazy to me that I am even writing about it now! My podcast is called Cloud Nine thanks to the competition I had on my Instagram to name it. I launched on January 2nd secretly and then told everyone about it on the 3rd! Currently, the main places you can listen are Spotify and Anchor. It is on some other sites too, but those are the two I am most familiar with. It hasn’t been approved by Apple yet, but I am hoping that will happen soon because I listen to most podcast on the Apple Podcasts app.

I have posted once since the intro episode and I am trying to keep a schedule of posting every Thursday. I have a lot of ideas right now, but I am not sure how many I can actually record and post in the near future. Many of them involve guests and I want to figure out how my podcast is going to be set up more before asking anyone to be on it. I think coming up with ideas is going to be the hardest part of the podcasting life.

I also wanted to mention that I am implementing a new blogging schedule in 2020. I shared that one of my goals for 2020 is to blog once a weeks I figure a simple schedule will help with that. From now on, you can expect a post from me every Tuesday! I will likely post more than once a week sometimes, but I want to make sure podcasting and blogging are a manageable/fun part of my week.

My only worry with posting once a week on my blog is that anything I feel inspired to write or travel posts may not be up right as I write them like they have been since I started this blog. I rarely schedule posts out, but I have a feeling that will be more common this year.

Other than my new schedule and my new podcast, nothing much will change around here! I am excited to continue sharing my life through my blog, and now on my podcast. Any recommendations or requests for posts/episodes would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Have a great rest of your week and get ready for my Miami post next Tuesday!

Cloud Nine (my podcast): https://anchor.fm/ellie-easton/episodes/My-Goals-for-2020-ea1a16/a-a198m64

Also, my wonderful podcast artwork was created by @jen.chavarria on Instagram!!

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