Things Everyone Should Do

The littlest things in life make me so happy and everyday there are things that happen or that I do that make my day even better.  I wanted to share some of the things, mostly because I never want to forget all of them.

-Make CDs to listen to in the car.  It is way more fun than Bluetooth or plugging your phone in.  Or you can make them for your friends so they can experience all of your favorite songs too.

-Hula hoop… or just go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

-Play with your pet.  I usually hula hoop and hang out with my dog, but it is always fun, and possibly more normal, to go on a walk or something.

-Try a new fruit or vegetable.  This might be random, but there are always fruits or vegetables at the grocery store that I have never seen or tried, so it is always interesting to try new ones out.  I have discovered many that I do like, and some that I do not.  I found out I am not a big fan of papaya.

-Read.  I don’t understand how people don’t like reading.  It is such a good opportunity to learn new things and be exposed to different points of view, experiences, places, etc.

-Cook something. Make breakfast or lunch or dinner.  Or at least help your family make something.  It is fun trying out new recipes and sharing whatever you make with people.

-Go for a run.  I don’t run as much as I used to, but I find myself smiling during every run that I do now.

-Help someone.  Whether it is helping your little sister or brother with homework, setting the table for your mom, or holding the door for someone, it is important to help people out.  I run with a group of people experiencing homelessness.  I might just be running with them, but being there to motivate and talk to them can help them keep positive.  I love helping my mom make dinner.  It is great to feel useful and it makes less work for my mom each night.

-Take pictures.  I take a picture of my dog basically everyday.  It is so fun to capture memories or those rare occasions where your dog cooperates during a “photo shoot”

-Listen to music.  Everyday I look forward to listening to music.  Right now I am listening to all of the music I liked in middle school and early high school.  Sometimes there is nothing better than Flo Rida or Lady Gaga.  It is always fun, and maybe weird, to have a little dance party to the songs by yourself or with your friends.

-Smile.  I find myself smiling at the most random times and that is the best because you know that everything is great in that moment.  Plus it makes other people smile too.

-Write.  I write in a diary every night.  It is fun to write about what I did during the day or fun things that happened.

-Try out new restaurants, or just go to your favorite ones.  I love going to Mexican restaurants for dinner or trying out new breakfast places.  It is also fun to go out for dessert with friends or family.  Whether it is cupcakes, ice cream, or popsicles, which I prefer, it is fun to try out new foods/restaurants.

-Break out the glow sticks.  If you are ever outside at night, it is way more fun if you have glow sticks.

-Film music videos with friends.  Maybe it is a little embarrassing, but it is fun.  Just find a good song, create a story for it, or just dance around and sing.  Even if it is a terrible video, at least it was fun and maybe made for a few laughs.

-Have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  They are so good and make you feel like a little kid again.  Also, jam is way better than jelly, but either is sufficient.

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