Never Give Up

One day, I heard someone say  something along of the lines of… “When things get stressful, or hard, or busy, that is when I give up.”  That was absolutely crazy to me.  Those moments are when you are supposed to push forward and put in everything you have.  I like to think that I don’t give up easily and throw in the towel when a situation becomes hard or stressful.  It is just so important to know that you put in everything that you could and know you did your best.  That can apply to anything… school, sports, relationships, work, etc.  There have been many times where it is easier just to give up and leave the task for someone else or settle for less.  When I ran cross country, I know there were races where I knew I could just slow down because I was tired and nothing bad would really come of it.  However, I knew I would be disappointed later on if I just quit.  Even if I didn’t run my best time, I was always much happier and proud of myself because I didn’t just give up when I was tired or lazy.

I feel like I reference running a lot, but I think it can teach you a lot about having a determined attitude, especially when things get tough.  When I was cut down to four days of running each week, consisting of 3 miles each day, I could have just given up on running and jogged all of those runs without a real purpose.  Instead, I chose to run every run like it was my last.  I didn’t want to give up on my training just because I couldn’t do it as much or run as far as I would like.  At that time, only running 4 days was a decent decrease and it seemed like the end of the world.  I know that is a little too dramatic considering I could still run quite a bit, but it was a challenge for me.  I think not giving up on my training showed how important it is to face challenges head on and not shy away from them.  I did get a bit slower, but if I had chosen to get lazy with my training, I would have and I would have been disappointed in myself for giving up.

Life is meant to have challenges and I think you can really show how strong you are when you choose to keep trying.  Winston Churchill’s quote, “Never never never quit,” may seem simple, but it has stuck with me ever since the first time I saw it at running camp in middle school.  I still have it on the wall in my room.  That quote is always in the back of my mind to make sure I don’t give up.  I think when you choose not to give up in tough situations, or any situation for that matter, it makes you a much happier person, so that is definitely a plus of putting in the extra effort.

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