Looking Back On Some Of My Favorite Trips

Last night I was up way too late scrolling back through my camera roll and through my Instagram (@adventure__with__ellie) looking at old photos/posts. I found so many photos from years back when I first started my blog and Instagram. I saw photos from the summer before I started a new chapter of my life in… Continue reading Looking Back On Some Of My Favorite Trips

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How To Make Your Own Travel Journal/Memory Book

A new week means some new blog posts! I hope everyone is staying safe/healthy and enjoyed the weekend at home. What have you been up to to keep busy, or have you taken up any new hobbies? One thing I have been working on a little bit is my travel memory book. I started this… Continue reading How To Make Your Own Travel Journal/Memory Book


California Day 1: Joshua Tree

This is the beginning of a wonderful series highlighting my trip to California for Labor Day Weekend. Connor and I flew out super late Friday night. Anyone surprised? Haha!! Our flight took off around 10pm CST and we landed close to 1am PST at LAX. It was very late, so we rushed to get our… Continue reading California Day 1: Joshua Tree

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Seattle Trip Recap: Day 1

As promised, I am sitting on the train to work writing this post. I think I will split it up into 2 or 3 posts so it's not super long! As some of you know, Connor and I went to Seattle, Washington this past weekend. We flew out Friday morning (way too early haha), explored… Continue reading Seattle Trip Recap: Day 1

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Grand Rapids Adventure

Connor, our friend Noah, and myself took a little trip to Grand Rapids on Saturday. There was a brewery I really wanted to go to mostly because it was cute. I'm not a huge fan of beer. I really only like beer that tastes like berries. Regardless, we headed to Grand Rapids on Saturday morning.… Continue reading Grand Rapids Adventure