Spring Break in Miami, Florida

Back with my second, and final spring break related blog post! I recently returned from spring break in Miami with 5 of my friends. We opted to drive to save money and I don't think I am ever going to drive on a trip over 10 hours again because it was LONG! But car rides… Continue reading Spring Break in Miami, Florida


I Went to the Museum of Ice Cream!

When I saw that the Museum of Ice Cream was going to hang around Miami a bit longer, I knew I needed to go. I had seen a lot of people I watch on YouTube or follow on Instagram go, so it was somewhere I wanted to go if I ever got the chance. I… Continue reading I Went to the Museum of Ice Cream!


Home For Spring Break: Things To Do 

I am not going anywhere but home from my college for spring break. As much as I would love to be going somewhere warm, where I can have a view as pretty as the picture on this post (from spring break last year), I am excited to have a week without schoolwork. I see a… Continue reading Home For Spring Break: Things To Do