Another Saturday in Chicago

I feel like I haven't done a weekend in Chicago post in so long!! I did these kinds of posts all the time when I first moved to Chicago since I was always out exploring. I figured I would bring it back today to share a little post about my Saturday! I may do a… Continue reading Another Saturday in Chicago

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A Saturday in Chicago #3

Happy Sunday! I'm back with another Chicago post. This weekend, Connor's parents and youngest sister, Emilee, were in town so we spent our day with them! We started our Saturday waiting a pretty long time to get seated at The Bongo Room. Connor really likes this restaurant, so we thought it would be a good… Continue reading A Saturday in Chicago #3


A Saturday in Chicago

I haven't posted in a few days! But I'm back with a little post about my day yesterday. Connor and I try to do as much as we can on the weekends, so we had a nice little morning and afternoon adventure on Saturday. We slept in a bit on Saturday until around 8ish. We… Continue reading A Saturday in Chicago