Work From Home Playlist

I made a Spotify playlist to enjoy during my workday when I started working from home. I normally don't make playlists, but I think I want to start making more. I wish I had been more into making playlists whenever I got a Spotify. I find it way harder to go back and organize everything… Continue reading Work From Home Playlist


Songs From Phoenix To Chicago

Happy Monday! I wrote this random post (more like a list) on the flight from Chicago to Phoenix last week. I always put my playlist on shuffle and listen to whatever plays on flights. I am more of a podcast listener, but I am usually not as focused on plane rides, so that is when… Continue reading Songs From Phoenix To Chicago


July/August Playlist

It is that time again. Here is what I have been listening to in July and now August! Sorry if you don't like country because this is mostly country. Brett Eldredge- pretty much the entire new¬†album, but "Love Someone" and "Cycles" are my two favorite! Thomas Rhett- "Unforgettable" just makes me happy because he mentions… Continue reading July/August Playlist