Reflecting On My 2019 Goals

I kept my 2019 goals as my phone background all year. It was a daily reminder of what I was doing and not doing (haha) to reach my goals. I had 5 main goals for 2019: I would say I was relatively successful. I was more consistent with some of the goals (traveling) and accomplished… Continue reading Reflecting On My 2019 Goals


Goals For The Week 8/12/18

It is Sunday, so that means it is time for me to hold myself accountable for my goals and set any new ones. Last week, I didn't have a ton of goals, but I did a good job meeting them compared to prior weeks. I went for a run around my new neighborhood (planning for… Continue reading Goals For The Week 8/12/18


Goals For The Week 8/5/18

I'm back with my goals for this week, like always 🙂 Last week I set out out to drink more water, finish packing, go to a new restaurant I want to try in Indy, go for a bike ride, take some things to Goodwill, and have the best week at camp. Sadly, I didn't drink… Continue reading Goals For The Week 8/5/18