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Scared To Sign Up For a Half Marathon

Here with another running-related post. I have quite a few drafts related to running in the works, but today I want to talk about why I'm scared to sign up for a half marathon. I have run a couple half marathons in my life and plenty of shorter races. I'm not scared to actually run… Continue reading Scared To Sign Up For a Half Marathon


Sophomore Year Recap

I haven't posted on here in so long! I was finishing off the last few weeks of school and now I'm home for summer.  It was definitely a fun year with new people, challenges, etc. I didn't like any of my classes second semester, but hopefully next year I will like them better.  I took… Continue reading Sophomore Year Recap


Half Marathon Training Part 4

I am loving training right now. The weather is just putting me in the mood to run and making it so much easier to get outside and running long. It also might be because of spring break and having more time to run. I was a little behind in my training as of my last… Continue reading Half Marathon Training Part 4