Books I Want To Read

Let's talk books! I haven't been reading much the past couple weeks due to packing, moving into my new apartment, and going to work, but I need to make some more time. Mostly because I want to read and love reading. I am currently finishing up "The Defining Decade" by Meg Jay, which I have… Continue reading Books I Want To Read


Goodbyes, New Adventures, and Celebrating Successes

This is just going to be a short post with a few of my thoughts. Since I graduated, and most of my friends have too, the past few weeks have been full of goodbyes. I know they aren't goodbyes forever, but it is sad thinking that I won't get to see some of my closest… Continue reading Goodbyes, New Adventures, and Celebrating Successes


2015 Reflections

2015 was a really great year for me. I feel like I made some really positive changes in my life and grew as a person in some ways. Overall, I became a more positive person. I realized that I should look forward to everything life has to offer. I became more excited for classes and… Continue reading 2015 Reflections