Living a Vegetarian Lifestyle: Why I’m Vegetarian and Slip Ups

Disclaimer: this post is not me forcing my lifestyle choices on anyone. I think everyone should eat how they want and not be told there is a right way to eat. Everyone's body responds differently to foods. Everyone has different opinions. And everyone has different tastes. This is just a little post about my experience… Continue reading Living a Vegetarian Lifestyle: Why I’m Vegetarian and Slip Ups


Weekend in Nashville

Another weekend, another weekend recap. These are becoming my favorite posts to write each week! This weekend I went to Nashville to visit my friend Sam. We interned together last summer and have kept in touch since then. I love our friendship because we don't see each other a lot, but always have a lot… Continue reading Weekend in Nashville


Doing Chicago Things

I feel like I have done a lot since moving to Chicago a little over a month ago. I haven't shared everything on the blog. I thought I'd take a minute to talk about some fun things I have done/tried. Cub's Game I went to my first Cub's game a couple weeks ago. Connor's dad… Continue reading Doing Chicago Things


Chicago Life: Places I Want To Dessert

I'm not a huge dessert girl. I'm more into savory foods or just ice cream lol. But of course, there are plenty of treats I want to try in the city. Honestly, last summer I didn't have too many sweets. I did try Stan's Donuts and loved the lemon pistachio donut but I really can't… Continue reading Chicago Life: Places I Want To Dessert


Chicago Life: Places I Want To Eat

Since I live in Chicago and am a huge foodie, restaurants are definitely something I am going to explore during my time here. Last summer, I tried a lot of different places that I loved, but there are still a ton more I have listed in my notes. I thought I'd share some of the… Continue reading Chicago Life: Places I Want To Eat


Happy National Ice Cream Day

Of all the food related "holidays," National Ice Cream Day is definitely my favorite. I love ice cream, as most of you know, and its crazy to me that I spent 2 years avoiding it. Today, to celebrate, I went to one of my favorite spots in Indy, Nicey Treat. I have blogged about it… Continue reading Happy National Ice Cream Day