Lazy Weekend Highlights

Happy Sunday! Here with a few highlights from my lazy weekend. I usually like to have lots planned for the weekend, but this weekend I definitely just needed to relax. Connor and I didn’t do much this weekend, but there were a few eventful moments.

On Friday night we got ramen for dinner. I am on a quest to try all of the ramen places in Chicago. We ended up at Ramen Takeya in the Fulton Market. We went around 7pm, so it was a bit crowded, but we definitely went at a good time. The wait was less than 20 minutes and our food came out fast. We got brussel sprouts for an appetizer and they were so good. They were really flakey and had a hint of lemon which I liked.

I got the vegan ramen and added an egg per usual. Connor got a shio ramen. He wasn’t a huge fan of his. I don’t think he liked the broth, but I loved mine. I didn’t love some of the toppings, but the broth was so flavorful. After ramen, we watched New Girl and ordered Insomnia cookies for a little treat. We got a few different flavors. Connor liked the red velvet best and I liked the peanut butter best.

We did nothing all day on Saturday, but did meet up with two friends for drinks and dinner. We went to Happy Camper and got pizzas to share. I shared a veggie option with Benny and Connor shared one with Zach. I think the pizzas were called Glenn and Mike, but I could be wrong about that. I also got a really yummy drink. It had gin and basil in it. I’m definitely going to recreate it at home sometime. After drinks and dinner, we went out for a little, but I still got home decently early. I love getting lots of sleep on the weekend.

A final highlight of the weekend was grocery shopping. Connor and I don’t go grocery shopping too often because we usually try to stock up each time. I went a couple weeks ago, so we were due for a grocery run. Instead of going to Aldi, we drove to Mariano’s so we could get a bunch of stuff– ingredients to make tacos, some ramen ingredients, lots of soup (I was craving soup hahah), fruit, and lots more. I am glad we went to a bigger grocery store. Aldi doesn’t have a ton of variety, so it’s nice to try different things. I did miss how easy it was to shop. At Aldi, I always get the same things and know exactly where everything is.

I am happy we were able to relax a bit this weekend, but I’m excited to do something more adventurous next weekend. What did you do this weekend? Do you like to have a lot planned on the weekend or do you prefer to rest up and relax?

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Sunday Night Routine

Happy Sunday! I always have mixed feelings about Sundays because I love relaxing and getting my life together, but I also get sad because the weekend is over. However, my Sundays usually look pretty similar each week. Whether I am home in Chicago all weekend or on a little weekend trip, I make sure I am relaxing and prepping for the week by 4 or 5pm.

Connor and I usually try to get to the grocery store on Sunday so we have food to get us through lunches and dinners. So typically Connor and I start our Sunday evening by making dinner. Today we got our favorite take and bake pizza from Aldi for dinner. Mostly because we were just getting back from a weekend with our college friends, but also because it’s so yummy.

After dinner, I usually throw in a load of laundry. It could be the first of the day, or the fourth or fifth of the day. I like getting ahead of laundry so I have all of our work clothes and work out clothes clean. Having options makes the week less stressful. Plus, our laundry piles up really fast. I feel like I wear 2 or 3 different outfits each day depending on what I am doing after work.

I like to shower early on the weekends so I can let my hair air dry, rather than going to bed with it wet. Then I always do a face mask. I love face masks and do them multiple times a week. Today I used the Moon Mask from Glossier. Face masks always make my face feel clean and soft for the week ahead!

I typically watch Netflix with Connor throughout the rest of the night until I am tired, so around 9pm lol. Between Netflix, I try to blog or at least brainstorm ideas for the week and get my stuff together for work. I pack up my backpack with workout clothes and anything I need for work. I also pack my lunch. Tonight I packed breakfast and lunch. I made a yogurt bowl for breakfast with Greek yogurt, frozen berries, and granola. For lunch I packed a veggie burger patty, hummus with carrots, and cottage cheese. I find this meal to be really filling, but also easy to snack on through the day if I need to.

Sometimes I will read before bed. Right now I am reading “Where Am I Giving?” by Kelsey Timmerman, and it’s good so far! As for the TV shows Connor and I watch throughout the night, we will watch things like The Good Place, This Is Us, or It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Tonight we started season 3 of Narcos. It’s alright so far. I really haven’t been paying close attention.

That pretty much wraps up my Sunday night routine. It’s nothing exciting, but I love feeling like I got to relax over the weekend! I also love getting things somewhat in order so I can workout, relax, or blog after work! What are some things you like to do on Sundays?


5 Weekend Highlights

Connor and I had planned on going on a little trip this weekend, but we ended up staying home. It was a really relaxing weekend and it was nice to be at home getting things done. Here are some highlights:

1. Connor an I watched “You” on Netflix. I thought it was pretty good. Some episodes were better than others, but something creepy always happened to get my attention again. I am kind of sad we finished it because I always miss shows after finishing them, but I’m sure we will find another show soon enough!

2. Connor and I cleaned up our apartment. With the holidays and getting back into the swing of things with work, our apartment needed a nice cleaning. We organized some things, did lots of laundry and dishes, and went through our clothes deciding what we really wanted. I have a decently large bag of clothes to give to my friend now, which is great!

3. We tried the banana pudding of the month at Magnolia Bakery. Connor and I love trying the new flavors each month. This month the flavor is salted caramel, which I really liked. I normally don’t love salted caramel, but it was subtle enough not to be overly sweet!

4. We ventured to Tank Noodles and Kung Fu to get dinner and bubble tea. We started with some tofu/veggie spring rolls, which were my favorite part of the whole meal. For the main course, I got a veggie rice noodle soup and Connor got pho. I love getting warm foods especially with the snow that accumulated throughout the day on Saturday. I got oolong milk tea and it was so good. I am slowly becoming a bubble tea fan and I love trying new spots.

5. Connor and I met up with a couple friends for Sunday brunch. Our Uber driver the other day mentioned Batter and Berries, so we went there. The wait was a little long, but it was worth it. I got the French toast flight and loved it. I got the super flight, which basically meant you got 5 types of French toast, instead of 4. The flight included strawberry, blueberry, lemon, caramel, and banana pudding (the flavor of the week). The lemon was my favorite, but I really enjoyed trying them all!

The weekend was really relaxing and will hopefully give me energy for another week at work. What were some of your weekend highlights?


Dinner Conversations: TV Shows

Connor and I were chatting about all of the shows we have watched together the other night at dinner. We went to Big Star to get tacos and drinks and pretty much the whole time we tried to remember the shows we have watched since we started dating. We have kind of watched a lot, I think. I wanted to share the list because I really enjoyed almost all of them.

Stranger Things

Peaky Blinders

The Sopranos


The Killing


Sons of Anarchy

A Series Of Unfortunate Events


Parks and Rec

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Queer Eye

Zumbo’s Just Desserts


Fuller House

The People Vs. OJ Simpson

There are probably more shows that should be on that list, but these are the ones we could remember the other day. Of all of these, my favorites are Peaky Blinders, Weeds, The Sopranos, Shameless, and Parks and Rec.

We are looking for a new show to start. Any recommendations? What are your favorite shows?


Last Trip To Bloomington

On Tuesday I took my last trip to Bloomington for awhile. Bloomington is where I went to college the last 4 years and it was time to finish emptying out my apartment and move out for good. It is definitely bittersweet because I love Bloomington and had the best college experience, but I really hated my apartment. My boyfriend was also getting the last of his belongings from his house so we made an afternoon of the trip so we could have fun, rather than just move out.

Moving out was kind of fun and challenging because we had to fit everything in his small car. We had planned on taking a different car, but when we got to his house we found that someone else had taken it for the day. Lucky for us, we managed to get everything in there after a few Goodwill runs.

Aside from moving we got coffee at Hopscotch Coffee which I had never tried. We always go to Soma Coffeehouse but it was closed for the day on Tuesday– the perfect opportunity to try something new. I got a matcha latte and Connor got a salted caramel latte.

After an early morning at day camp, it was exactly what we needed. Other than coffee, we got a late lunch (or early dinner) at Ami, my favorite restaurant in Bloomington. It is a sushi place and on Tuesday’s it is 30 percent off, so it was our lucky day. I got a futomaki roll and a sweet potato roll (my favorite), which I devoured immediately.

After dinner, we stopped to see Connor’s grandmother before heading home. We are moving next week so it was good to see her before the big move. Overall, it was a nice and productive afternoon. I love how Bloomington will always feel like home and familiar to me, even when I am not living there. I am excited to go back sometime this year for football game and to get together with my college friends. I am definitely going to miss Bloomington, especially the restaurants, but I am excited to be moving back to another city I love.


Chicago Food Part 2

I’m sure you are all super surprised to see this in your feed, just kidding. I love food, so this is necessary. You never know, there may even be a part 3. Anyway, you know the drill. I’m going to share some of the foods/restaurants I have been enjoying since my last post! FYI I really don’t eat breakfast that much, so I haven’t tried that many places. I am definitely a bigger fan of lunch/dinner foods.


Stan’s Donuts

I’m not sure why it took me so long to go here, but I have been there a total of 3 times in about 2 weeks. Not proud, but also not ashamed. I love the pistachio donut! I got the glazed pistachio the first time and the lemon pistachio old fashioned the second time. I can’t decide which I liked more. I also sampled some others like the blueberry fritter (SO GOOD) and the peanut butter banana pocket.


Ramen San

I have been here twice because I liked it that much! I get the shiitake ramen with an egg and it is so delicious and satisfying. Honestly I love anything with noodles. It is definitley a more expensive meal for me, ending up at close to 17/18 dollars after tip, but it is well worth it. It is also open pretty late, until 12am, so that is always a plus.

Broken English Taco Pub

If you want a good margarita, go here. I loved mine. I ordered passion fruit and it was super tasty, and also a little strong, but I am not a fan of super sweet margaritas. I liked how they salted the side of the glass, rather than the rim. It looked cool. As for the food, which I sadly don’t have a photo of, it was really yummy. The portions are pretty small considering each meal is just two tacos. However, if you go on a Tuesday, the tacos are 2 dollars. ALSO, Monday through Friday you can get margaritas for 6 dollars from 4 to 7.

Half Day Brewing

This place is in the suburbs, but definitely a nice place to grab some classic bar food, and some not so classic bar food, considering the food I got. I started with a moscow mule, which was so good. It had mint in it which I liked. For my meal, I got a mushroom sandwich. It was so good and perfectly filling. The chips that came with were different than regular potato chips in my opinion, but were still good!

Public House

I heard of this place because of the giant moscow mules they have there. I went there with my friends one weekend. I got grilled cheese, which isn’t super exciting, but it was good. It came with fries too and they were really good. At the end of the meal, I was so full, but I feel like it was a good deal. Obviously I got a moscow mule and I went for the pear kind just to be different. It wasn’t as good as a regular mule, but still enjoyed it!

I went back a second time after work with some of my fellow interns. I finally got to have the giant moscow mule that drew me to Public House in the first place. It was really good and of course perfect to share between 2 to 4 people.

Friends Sushi

This is the best sushi I have had in Chicago. It was fair priced for Chicago and the restaurant was in a good location, right off the redline. I got a sweet potato roll and an avocado roll, which were both yummy. Not the best sushi I have ever had, but I love sushi, so I am always just happy to have some.



I really wanted to go to Quartino because I heard such good things about it from everyone regarding the food and the service. I have to say my food definitely impressed me. I got fettuccini alfredo, which is my favorite kind of pasta. It was sooo good and tasted so fresh. I can’t say the service was great when I went, but I know people have raved about it.

Late Night Snacks

Cheesie’s Pub and Grub

Had to try this at Lollapalooza. 1. Because I was starving and 2. because I had heard it was pretty good. I got the caprese grilled cheese. It was definitely cheesy, but it hit the spot. I can’t say it was my favorite grilled cheese place, but it would definitely be good as a late night snack.



If you like taking pictures of your food, this is a good place for you to go. The gelato is also really good! When I went I tried pistachio, chocolate, and almond. I think the almond was my favorite. The gelato is formed into a flower so it was really cute and I obviously took pictures of it.