Dallas For A Day

Connor and I took a quick trip to Dallas, TX the other weekend. I have been wanting to visit Dallas for a few months after seeing a snow cone shop I wanted to go to. We were able to find inexpensive tickets that had decent flight times, so we decided to go for it. We… Continue reading Dallas For A Day


24 Hours in Madison, Wisconsin

I went to Wisconsin Friday night with Connor to visit our friend Shanon. We were only there until Saturday afternoon, but we had a really nice time! We got to Madison around 9pm. We got settled at Shanon's apartment and then decided we go out to get some drinks. We went to a bar called… Continue reading 24 Hours in Madison, Wisconsin


I Visited The World’s Largest Gnome

This will be a short post but I just wanted to share something I was excited about. It might not be the coolest thing ever, but my boyfriend and I drove to Iowa for the day on Saturday so I could see the World's Largest Gnome. I have liked gnomes and just thought they were… Continue reading I Visited The World’s Largest Gnome


Last Trip To Bloomington

On Tuesday I took my last trip to Bloomington for awhile. Bloomington is where I went to college the last 4 years and it was time to finish emptying out my apartment and move out for good. It is definitely bittersweet because I love Bloomington and had the best college experience, but I really hated… Continue reading Last Trip To Bloomington