July/August Playlist

It is that time again. Here is what I have been listening to in July and now August! Sorry if you don't like country because this is mostly country. Brett Eldredge- pretty much the entire new album, but "Love Someone" and "Cycles" are my two favorite! Thomas Rhett- "Unforgettable" just makes me happy because he mentions… Continue reading July/August Playlist


Junior Year Randomness

Since I have been horrible at blogging lately, here are random things that I have done during my junior year of college so far. Kanye West concert Got a gnome for Connor and his roommates Ordered breadsticks way too often and I'm gluten-free lol Schoolboy Q concert Went to Sushi Boss with Annie and Connor… Continue reading Junior Year Randomness


Summer is Here 

I am about 3 weeks into my summer and I have decided that I am officially excited about it. Most of all I just want some nice weather for once. I went to a concert 2 weeks ago and had to wear gloves and a winter jacket.  This summer I am excited to...  1. Run… Continue reading Summer is Here