Blog Drafts From 3 Years Ago

I have so many drafts here on my blog. Every idea I have ever had is in my drafts. Some drafts have words, sentences, or paragraphs. Others are empty. I have drafts that are longer than any post I have ever written. I have posts that I wrote 3 years ago when I started this… Continue reading Blog Drafts From 3 Years Ago


Things I Want To Work On

Not living for the weekend Finding motivation when I am uninterested in something Embracing change I want to work on the 3 things listed above. I have definitely noticed that I am not great at any of these things and want to work on being better about them. Since entering the workforce and starting my… Continue reading Things I Want To Work On


Goals For The Week 8/12/18

It is Sunday, so that means it is time for me to hold myself accountable for my goals and set any new ones. Last week, I didn't have a ton of goals, but I did a good job meeting them compared to prior weeks. I went for a run around my new neighborhood (planning for… Continue reading Goals For The Week 8/12/18