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I Feel Like I Haven’t Posted In Forever

Hi everyone! This is going to be a shorter post and the title of this post says it all. It's weird because I posted a few days ago, but it feels like forever. I am usually dreaming up new posts ideas, writing my ideas down on the train, or just posting more consistently. Even my… Continue reading I Feel Like I Haven’t Posted In Forever


My Best Habits

Happy Wednesday! I saw the word habit on Instagram the other day and that's where this short post came from. I am always trying to build healthy and positive habits. I feel like they can change sometimes, but these are the ones I am always good about. 1. Drinking a ton of water 2. Going… Continue reading My Best Habits

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Scared To Sign Up For a Half Marathon

Here with another running-related post. I have quite a few drafts related to running in the works, but today I want to talk about why I'm scared to sign up for a half marathon. I have run a couple half marathons in my life and plenty of shorter races. I'm not scared to actually run… Continue reading Scared To Sign Up For a Half Marathon


Be Grateful For The Little Things Each Day

Be grateful for the little things each day: I feel like I have always been like this. But lately, the little things are what make the days so great. Overall, my days are usually pretty good, but also stressful. Because I am stressed from 8 to 5 everyday, I make sure notice, acknowledge, and be… Continue reading Be Grateful For The Little Things Each Day


I Visited The World’s Largest Gnome

This will be a short post but I just wanted to share something I was excited about. It might not be the coolest thing ever, but my boyfriend and I drove to Iowa for the day on Saturday so I could see the World's Largest Gnome. I have liked gnomes and just thought they were… Continue reading I Visited The World’s Largest Gnome


Interview #1: My Boyfriend

Hey everyone. My boyfriend, Connor, has been trying to help me come up with topics for my blog lately. I jokingly told him he was my blog assistant even though I definitely don't need one. One thing he suggested was interviews with people I find interesting, knowledgeable, etc. I think it is a great idea… Continue reading Interview #1: My Boyfriend


Things I Want To Work On

Not living for the weekend Finding motivation when I am uninterested in something Embracing change I want to work on the 3 things listed above. I have definitely noticed that I am not great at any of these things and want to work on being better about them. Since entering the workforce and starting my… Continue reading Things I Want To Work On