Ellie Weekly #2

I can’t believe it is already time for the next post in my new “Ellie Weekly” series. This week went by pretty fast but the weekend has been pretty long so far which I love. I blogged SO much this week! I am pretty sure I posted every single day which is probably a new record for me. I have loved ending my day with a little creativity and blogging is always great for that! I hope everyone had a good week and is enjoying the holiday weekend.

High of week: Enjoying the sunshine on Saturday (the weather has been so nice this weekend) and picking up Pretty Cool Ice Cream!

Low of the week: I have been staying up so late and I really need to get back on a better sleep schedule.

Something I listened to this week: 

Something I read this week: I read some more of The Lying Game by Ruth Ware. I am trying to read a little bit in the evening each day. I am also getting more into the book which is helping. I wasn’t hooked at first.

Something I watched this week: I really didn’t watch anything this week other than a few YouTube videos (loved Margot Lee and Brooke Miccio’s videos this week). I haven’t found a new TV show to binge quite yet.

A meal/snack/drink/dessert I made this week: I made a yummy salad for dinner on Friday night. I will pretty much mix anything together in a salad, but I tried to put things together that went well together. I used spinach, lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, and artichokes for the salad. For dressing I mixed up some balsamic and olive oil. It was a pretty simple meal, but so refreshing and yummy.

Something I ordered this week: Connor and I ordered ramen on Monday because we were pretty much out of anything to make a decent meal. A lot of our favorite ramen places were offline on the delivery apps, so we tried a new (new to us) place called Tanaka Ramen. It ended up being super good. The price was comparable to most ramen places and I would definitely order from there again. There was actually more than one veggie option (so amazing), so I am excited to try the other one next time.

An Instagram post I shared this week:

Favorite workout of the week: I have been loving POPSUGAR Fitness workouts as I have mentioned so many times. This week I tried out a new cardio kickboxing workout and it was so fun! I love how much I have to focus during these types of workouts and I really like the instructor in the video. I have done a few of her workouts over the past 2 months. I linked the specific workout I did this week here. It is so fun and I highly recommend.

Someone who inspired me this week: Kacey Musgraves in a way. I was feeling a little down and then listened to her album, Golden Hour, and it put me in a great mood.

Something I learned this week: I learned that I could feature my YouTube channel on the sidebar of my blog posts. I never thought to do that before, but I think its fun! Hopefully I will have more YouTube videos up soon!

Favorite of the week: Blueberries are definitely one of my favorites right now. I love them so much and they are always perfect during the summertime. I am hoping to go to Michigan to pick blueberries this summer like I did with my family growing up. Also, the espresso cups I ordered from Anthropologie in March finally arrived and I love them! They are the cutest colors and seem like they are great quality so far.

Goals for next week: Finish my book and go on a few runs.

Something I am looking forward to next week: Finally tie dyeing again. I am waiting on one last thing to arrive to tie dye for my sister. Once I have that I’ll be ready to spend part of my weekend tie dyeing and I’m so excited. I am hoping these pieces will be even better than the last ones!

That is all for this week’s post. I think I may start incorporating some new categories over the next few weeks to keep things fun and interesting! If you have any ideas, let me know! Also, leave a comment sharing the highlight of your week 🙂

See you tomorrow in my next post ❤

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