Another Saturday in Chicago

I feel like I haven’t done a weekend in Chicago post in so long!! I did these kinds of posts all the time when I first moved to Chicago since I was always out exploring. I figured I would bring it back today to share a little post about my Saturday! I may do a recap of Sunday or Monday depending on what we end up doing.

I slept in until 9am and then didn’t move for like another hour. I ended up staying up last night to paint my nails. I gave them a solid 2 hours to dry so they wouldn’t be messed up in the morning. I feel like that happens to me every time, so I just watched YouTube videos and tried to stay awake.

Connor and I made coffee and breakfast. I had an iced oat milk latte (I use a Nespresso pod, oat milk, and ice for my latte) and Connor just had a regular, black coffee. We decided to make a veggie egg scramble. We did more of a California scramble with eggs, spinach, and tomato. We added avocado and mozzarella on top too. It was so yummy and the perfect Saturday morning breakfast.

Then we cleaned up a bit. Connor did the dishes while I cleaned up the kitchen, wiped down the counters, and started some laundry. I always feel motivated to clean up at the beginning of the day so I can use my afternoons/evenings for other things. I also watered the basil and mint plants my mom got me. So far nothing has sprouted, so hopefully they will soon!

We saw the sun was shining in through the windows and then checked the weather. It was almost 70 degrees so we grabbed our books, our sunglasses, a blanket, and some hand sanitizer and walked over to a grassy area near our apartment. We sat outside reading and soaking up the sun. We saw so many cute dogs and it was so nice to be in the sunshine. It started getting gloomy after about two hours so we headed home so we would miss the rain.

I did a little more cleaning and laundry before making some yummy drinks. I haven’t been in the mood for cocktails very much since this quarantine started. I have just been craving kombucha and seltzer water, but I thought a refreshing cocktail would be nice. I decided to make Connor and I some “healthier” moscow mules. I used vodka, lime juice, Q Mixers ginger beer, and some lime sparking water. I like to use half ginger beer and half sparkling water to make it a little more refreshing and less sweet.

After making the drinks, I worked on some blog posts and watched TV with Connor. We honestly just relaxed on the couch the entire evening since it was raining out. I also made some pasta for dinner too. It was a really nice Saturday and I’m excited for the rest of the long weekend! How did you spend your Saturday?




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