Some Of My Favorite Polaroid Pics

I have always loved photos, videos, and really any kind of memory. I had boxes full of random items in my closet that had some kind of sentimental meaning growing up (tickets, cross country ribbons, cute erasers haha). I have also always taken so many photos. I remember getting my first camera and then my second camera back in elementary school and middle school.

My friend and I got the same onew for Christmas in 7th grade and those cameras made for hours and hours of fun. We recorded music videos, dances, took mirror pics, and documented every last middle school moment (probably some of high school too honestly). I even took pictures with all of my classmates and some teachers on the last day of 8th grade haha.

Now I pretty much just use my phone to capture moments like most people probably do. However, I do have a Polaroid camera. It’s nothing fancy and the one I have was definitely way more popular like 3-5 years ago. But I LOVE it so much. I take it with me on all my trips (if I have room in my backpack) and love bringing it out whenever I am with friends. I feel like it is such a fun way to document fun moments and it’s more candid most of time. Plus, the photos are so cute in the end.

Anyway, I was changing out some of the photos I have hanging on my fridge tonight and thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Polaroid photos. These are mostly me with friends, but I have some fun nature/travel photos in my travel memory book (they wouldn’t scan into my phone for some reason).

New York last fall
After a day at the dunes and before margs

After leaving a cute card shop in Brooklyn

Matching Aruba souvenir t-shirts in Sanibel
Mardi Gras in St. Louis (love these sunnies)

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