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An Ideal Weekend After Quarantine

Leaving my house and having a whole weekend to do whatever I want sounds pretty crazy at this point. I have been home pretty much all of the past 2 months.

I have done a couple grocery runs, but at this point I have just been getting groceries delivered through Instacart. I have gone on a couple drives with Connor, but other than that I don’t even remember what it is like to talk with friends in person or browse around the grocery store.

I am super excited for my first weekend out of quarantine and shoutout to Becky for the tag! If you don’t already follow her, what are you waiting for?!! Becky was one of the first bloggers I followed and I love reading all of her posts! You can check out her post-quarantine post here!

*Also, with this whole post I am going to imagine things are back to normal for the most part. I don’t picture myself going to crowded restaurants/bars or traveling as soon as restrictions are lifted. But for the fun of this post, I am going to imagine things are as normal as possible here in Chicago.

Friday Night: I prefer to have more relaxed Friday nights after the work week so I am energized for the weekend ahead. I think my ideal Friday night would be going out to dinner and drinks with Connor. I would want to get sushi somewhere new or at one of our favorite spots since I haven’t had sushi in so long. Some places I like to get sushi are Komorebi, Union Sushi, and Uni Sushi.

Saturday: Connor and I would wake up semi early after a more chill Friday night. I would do a workout because working out has become an important part of my daily routine and I don’t think that would change post-quarantine. Since it will hopefully be summer, a boozy brunch with friends outside would be perfect. Some places we would probably consider are Takito Kitchen or Paradise Park. My friends and I love Paradise Park, but Takito Kitchen has really good brunch/mimosa deals. I would get ready for the first time in months which would be crazy. After brunch, we would continue the fun and go to another one of my favorite bars, Federales. It is such a fun place to go in the summer!

Sunday: I would sleep in a bit but then get ready to go hiking with Connor. We would grab coffee on way from one of our favorite coffee shops. I have been craving Necessary and Sufficient Coffee, so I would want to go there! Then we would drive a couple hours to Starved Rock State Park to enjoy nature and get outside. After hiking, we would stop by Target and the grocery store to get food for the week and probably some impulse purchases at Target (it’s impossible to leave Target without buying something you didn’t need haha). I have missed Target so much! Finally, I would cook a yummy dinner, do my skincare routine, and watch a little TV before going to bed at a reasonable hour (like 9pm instead of 1am like I do right now haha).

I think this would be a pretty fun first weekend after quarantine. I am so excited to be reunited with my friends and enjoy summer in Chicago! What does your ideal post-quarantine weekend look like?

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