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Things I Look Forward To Each Day

I am not starting my weekly post with “happy Tuesday” for the first time in forever. I feel pretty excited about that. I must be getting a little more creative haha. This week I am sharing some things I look forward to each day (and week for some of these things).

  1. Tearing off the previous day on my rockdoodles daily calendar: This is probably the  5th time I have mentioned this calendar, but I love it. The puns and doodles always make me smile. There have been so many good ones lately. I am pretty sure you can still preorder the 2021 calendar, so I will link that here! I already preordered mine because I am that obsessed.
  2. My morning coffee: This is probably my favorite part of the day! I think about it every night before bed. I typically use my Nespresso to make a latte or I will have some cold brew with a splash of oat milk. I have really loved making coffee at home and I have definitely gotten better at making iced lattes.
  3. Doing an afternoon workout: I have been working out pretty much every single day. I take a day off here and there, but for the most part I try to do some kind of workout each day! Plus, it is super fun. My afternoon workouts are usually some kind of workout video or a mix of weights/body weight exercises. I have been mixing in running too, but when I run, I normally do that earlier in the day when there are less people out and about. Anyway, I have been doing a mix of POPSUGAR Fitness workouts (the boxing ones are my favorite- SO FUN), MadFit on YouTube, and Chloe Ting on YouTube.
  4. Doing my skincare routine: I have been really good with my routines the past few weeks. I have been taking extra time on my skincare routine and doing more face masks than usual. I have been mixing it up with some Glossier masks and cocokind (I use the mask from the collaboration with shutthekaleup). I also have a new mask on the way from the Sephora spring sale, so I am excited to try that one out. As for the rest of my skincare, I have pretty much just been using Curology to keep it simple.
  5. Ordering from local restaurants on the weekends: Connor and I try to cook at home on all of the weekdays and then order in a couple as a treat on the weekend. I love getting to have all of my favorite meals and support the restaurants during these uncertain times. My favorite place to order from right now as the BEST treat is Pretty Cool Ice Cream. Pretty Cool has a bunch of fun ice cream bar and they are seriously amazing. If you are a fellow foodie and want to see the amazing flavors, I will link the website here!

That is all I have for tonight, but I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. I have been pretty active on my instagram, @adventure__with__ellie, if you want to follow along! Otherwise, I will see you next week!

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