Looking Back On Some Of My Favorite Trips

Last night I was up way too late scrolling back through my camera roll and through my Instagram (@adventure__with__ellie) looking at old photos/posts. I found so many photos from years back when I first started my blog and Instagram. I saw photos from the summer before I started a new chapter of my life in Chicago. I also found photos from my favorite restaurants back in Indianapolis and Bloomington which was fun to see. This also made me super hungry haha!

Then I scrolled through my posts from the trips I have taken over the past year or so. I loved seeing all the fun places I visited, yummy foods/restaurants I tried, and just overall amazing memories I made during these trips. I thought it would be fun to share my Instagram posts from some of these trips. Here are some of my favorites:

MIAMI (fun, colorful, and go-to vacation spot)

DETROIT (the blue skies and great weather made the whole weekend)

SEATTLE (so much exploring, lots of cute lattes, and perfect weather)

DENVER/BOULDER (an adventurous and relaxing trip with the best Airbnb)

NYC (ice cream crawl and my first time visiting)

JOSHUA TREE/LA (hiking, matcha, and a dreamy Airbnb)

Which is your favorite? Or where would you want to go? Leave a comment! I think either Miami or Joshua Tree/LA would be my pick as of right now. I think I just like how all of the photos mesh well together, but also sunshine sounds pretty good right about now!

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