It’s Tuesday & I Have No Idea What To Blog About

Happy Tuesday!!! Today was a really great day, but I had no idea what to blog about. Tuesday’s are my go-to posting day, so I figured this could be more of a life update most.

It has officially been a month of working from home and social distancing. I have gotten used to being home and my new routine. I have been making coffee every morning which has been nice and something I look forward to each day. I still definitely miss my old routine and even taking the train. I have noticed I don’t listen to as many podcasts each week because I don’t have my commute anymore. I am going to try to listen to more each morning and in the evening after I am done working.

I did listen to my favorite podcast today, “What We Said.” It was the 100th episode and it was all about embarrassing stories. I love the embarrassing story episodes because they are SO funny. I flew out of bed this morning because I was so excited for the episode. Another podcast I listen to, “Gals On The Go” has an episode I am excited for tomorrow, so I imagine tomorrow will be the same way.

It’s really weird that I have barely been outside in the last month other than for walks or runs in the neighborhood. The weather is warming up a lot here in Chicago and I feel like it was super cold not too long ago. I guess what I am saying is it is weird that the weather is changing but I am not really noticing it happening. I don’t know if that makes sense but I think about it a lot for some reason haha.

Connor and I have been getting really creative with our meals. We have almost run out of all of the food in our freezer and our pantry is almost empty. I am really excited to have groceries and restock on some fresh produce. I have been obsessed with grapefruit lately, so I am mostly excited for that. Anyway, our meals have really been interesting, with some being better than others. Overall, I still don’t like cooking. I really wish I did, especially now, because I would have so much time to create new recipes.

Aside from making random meals, we have also been ordering in every weekend to support the local restaurants we love. We have ordered pizza from Paradise Park, cinnamon rolls from Ann Sather, bibimbap from bopNgrill, ramen from Menya Goku (we actually got this tonight) and Ramen San, and a few other things I can’t remember. It has been nice to mix things up and enjoy restaurants like we normally would if we could go out to eat.

The last update I have for now is that Connor and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary over the weekend. We were supposed to go to Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels to celebrate, but we had to cancel that trip. Hopefully we can go next year! We decided to watch movies and drink margaritas instead. Also, Connor got me the cutest flowers that I’m obsessed with (thank you Connor!!) It was really fun and I’m excited for the adventures we will have in the next year.

I hope everyone is doing well, thank you for reading this long, random post, and I will talk to you in the next one! Have a great week 🙂

4 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday & I Have No Idea What To Blog About”

  1. Those margaritas are so cute! My parents and I normally go out to dinner every Friday to the same restaurant but since we can’t, we’ve been ordering in from there and another local restaurant in town. We alternate every week so we can give both of them business.

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    1. I love that!! It’s definitely fun to order in during the week to change things up and support the local restaurants! I also feel like I spend way more time cooking now so it’s nice to have a night or two off from that 😂

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