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A Few Things I Am Doing Everyday To Stay Motivated and Inspired

I have been trying to stay inspired/busy/motivated while being home and working from home. I have been doing a few different things to be creative and do more than just watch TV and play on my phone. This is the longest I have been home in months which is pretty crazy, but I have definitely been missing travel and just exploring around Chicago.

  1. Creating Pinterest boards: I have been creating boards for future trips, designing my future home/apartment, cute things to practice drawing, and anything that inspires me.
  2. Home workouts: Working out daily and just moving in general has helped me stay more energized. I always feel so lethargic and uninspired to do anything when I am stuck indoors, so spending 30 minutes to an hour working out is very helpful for that. I always feel more motivated to work on all of my random projects and even just cleaning after I workout. I have been mixing it up with outdoor runs and doing different workouts on YouTube. I love the POPSUGAR fitness workouts and MadFit.
  3. Reading blog posts: I have been trying to be better about reading blog posts from all of the people I follow. Each morning while my work systems load up I read few some blog posts and then I usually do the same thing at night before bed. It is nice to see what everyone is up to and what kind of posts everyone is sharing. Who are some of your favorite bloggers? I would love to follow some new people!
  4. Writing blog posts and brainstorming new ideas: I am actually writing a little bit on my blog drafts every day. I find that I have new ideas or new things to add each day! I am also working on a new YouTube video which is something I haven’t done in awhile. I think I want to get back into making more videos related to travel and vlogging now that I have stepped back from podcasting.

What are some things you are doing each day to stay motivated and inspired while being home? This is random, but I wanted to mention the cover photo (included below too) for this blog post is from when I was visiting Joshua Tree back in August. It just looks so peaceful and nice. Thanks for reading and I will see you in my next post!

4 thoughts on “A Few Things I Am Doing Everyday To Stay Motivated and Inspired”

  1. I have found in this time of uncertainty I’ve been trying to find things that I am able to control and the ONLY thing I feel I CAN control is my schedule … so I have been prioritizing sleep, working out before starting the work day, and getting in a walk outside in the evenings to enjoy the spring weather (even though we had snow on friday … ugh)!! I know that this too will pass but until then I will continue to control what I can and let those who want to freak about the virus do that while I continue to live my life! 🥰


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