My Favorite Coffee Shops in Chicago

One of the things I miss the most during these weird times is going to coffee shops throughout the week and on the weekends. I can make my own coffee at home, and I do, but I absolutely love trying new coffee shops to spice up the week. I love when coffee shops have signature drinks that are unique and something I can’t try anywhere else. I also love when they have matcha lattes because I am not always in the mood for coffee, but something a little more refreshing (anyone else think matcha is refreshing?).

I love a bunch of coffee shops in Chicago for so many different reasons (this will become very apparent in the honorable mentions section at the end haha), but I do have a few favorites that I find myself visiting the most, or even just recommending to friends. My favorite coffee shops are located all throughout Chicago in many different neighborhoods, so you will definitely stumble upon at least one of these while visiting, or living in Chicago.

Necessary and Sufficient Coffee: This is such a cute coffee shop! It is located a short walk away from the Logan Square Blue Line stop. There is a small indoor area that has hand-painted flowers on the ceiling. There is also a walk-up window that you can order your drinks and pastries from (perfect for the times we are experiencing today). The shop is all about sustainability and incorporates a lot of local treats and pastries. I love the matcha lattes (iced or hot) the most!

First Sip: This is Connor’s favorite coffee shop in Chicago and my best friend Emi is the one who recommended it to us. It is located off the Argyle Red Line stop. It is filled with plants and has teacups and teapots hanging throughout the store. There is also a nice outdoor patio out front that you can enjoy during the summer! The menu is full of classic tea/coffee drinks, but they also have fun specialty options. I love the matcha and the orange blossom latte. I would love to try the spicy mango latte or the pistachio mint latte next time I go!

Heritage Outpost: I think this is my favorite latte in the city. I get mine with oat milk and sometimes I will add a flavor like lavender or vanilla. The shop I visit is pretty big and located off of Wacker near the river/super close to the Willis Tower (there are other locations throughout Chicago as well). You can enjoy a view of the river or take advantage of all of the different seating options while you enjoy your coffee.

Passion House Coffee Roasters: I think this is the coffee shop I visit the most frequently. There are a few locations and I usually visit the Goose Island location because the actual shop is so spacious. It is super bright and the big garage door in the front is open during the warmer months. I love the colorful accents and the neon sign too. I usually get some kind of latte or a matcha. There are also always fun, signature lattes to choose from. A couple I have tried are the sweet potato latte and the crembrulatte.

Ipsento 606: This coffee shop is located right off the 606 trail in Wicker Park. If you are taking the train, either the Western or Damen stops on the Blue Line would get you pretty close. I love the lychee matcha latte they have as a specialty beverage. I feel like I don’t see as many signature matcha lattes, so it is always fun to find a yummy one. Ipsento also has the cutest, tiny donuts, which are fun to get as a treat too!

I would say these are my top five favorite coffee shops in Chicago. There are SO many to explore and I am sure I will find new favorites as I continue exploring Chicago. Some honorable mentions are Goddess and the Baker, Hero Coffee Bar, C.C. Ferns, Limitless Coffee and Tea, The Coffee Studio, Caffe Streets, Big Shoulders Coffee, Sawada Coffee, Printers Row, La Colombe, and Intelligentsia.

What is your favorite coffee shop in your city? Or even a coffee shop you have visited while traveling? I absolutely love Moore Coffee in Seattle and I can’t wait to go back someday. Also,what is your favorite chain coffee shop? I am curious to see what everyone prefers! I love going to Peet’s for matcha and Dunkin for iced coffee. I am definitely going to be making coffee at home for the next few months, so hopefully I will perfect some yummy drinks. If I do I will be sure to share my process/any recipes. Stay safe and healthy 🙂

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