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Cute Prints & Wall Art

Happy Friday everyone! Since I have been working from home, I have been able to admire some of the prints I have hanging up in my apartment. That inspired me to share some places you can get cute prints and some different artists that I get prints from! I really like fun, colorful prints. I always imagine putting together a cute wall of prints in my future home office. It looks great in my head now, but who knows how it will turn out someday. Hopefully I will be better at decorating by then haha.

I  get most of my prints online, but there are craft shows during the summers in Chicago where I have gotten some others. I have also found cute prints through Instagram accounts which is fun. Finally, I have printed out some 8 x 10 photos that I took myself too, so that is always an easy/affordable way to decorate!

  • Print your own photos: I have printed out 3-4 different photos I have taken in Chicago and on trips to hang throughout my apartment. I just get the 8 x 10 photos printed at CVS and they are ready right away. I am pretty sure they are between 10-12 dollars, but you don’t have to worry about shipping costs which is nice. And you can start decorating as soon as you leave CVS.
  • Rockdoodles: This is not my first time mentioning Rockdoodles, but I love all of the cards, prints, and the calendars that Julia Rockowitz (the artist) creates! I think these prints are super fun for a collage wall. There are quite a few different prints up on her site and they are all simple, cute, and punny.
  • All Things Lilly Ann: I can’t even remember how I found Lilly’s Instagram page, but it is so cute and colorful. Her prints are perfect for a home office. They are all super positive and motivating with the messages and even pictures she draws. I also love how colorful they are. Her site also has stickers, cards, and free coloring pages you can download (perfect for social distancing).
  • Foursided: This is a shop local to Chicago that has tons of gifts, cards, and prints. Foursided also offers framing! Luckily there is a website, so anyone can browse some of the cute prints from different artists.
  • Neighborly: Another local Chicago shop that also has a website! I love visiting Neighborly to browse through the prints (and really everything else because I never leave without getting little gift or card for someone).
  • Melanie Jeanne Plank: Melanie is an artist in Chicago. I found about her art/prints through Foursided because you can buy them there! She makes the cutest La Croix prints in all of the different flavors. You can shop her prints on Foursided’s website and on her Etsy shop!

These are just a few places where you can find cute prints and support small businesses and artists! Where are your favorite places to get cute prints/wall art? Any artists/shops I should follow on Instagram? I would love to brainstorm even more decor ideas for my future home.

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