Things To Do At Home

Hi again! I figured I should use some of my spare time to write more blog posts this week. I wanted to share some ideas of things to do while staying home and social distancing.

1. Listen to podcasts: I have been doing this a lot! My favorites are “What We Said” and “Gals on the Go”. I have also been listening to “How I Built This.”

2. Read: I am definitely going to be reading this weekend. I want to finish up “Educated” by Tara Westover and then I have another book by Ruth Ware that I want to start. Ruth Ware is one of my favorite authors and “The Defining Decade” by Meg Jay is one of my favorite books ever if you are looking for a good read.

3. Doodle: I downloaded procreate on my iPad and my Apple Pencil arrived yesterday (I ordered the wrong one though, so I will need to exchange that for the right one). Drawing has been super relaxing for me and I am hoping I will get better at it too!

4. Do a puzzle: Connor loves doing puzzles and they are definitely a good way to spend a few hours. Luckily my parents brought us one when they were here a month ago!

5. Do a home workout: I have been doing home workouts for the past couple weeks! A lot of workout influencers, gyms, etc. are having online classes, and you can even just do a workout from a YouTube video. Yoga and weights are another easy way to workout at home.

6. Organize your closet and go through any clothes to donate: I do this a lot, but I am going to do a more thorough clean out this week. I am hoping to have a basket of things to donate or sell.

7. Deep clean your apartment or home: I am pretty sure most people have been deep cleaning anyway (I know I have), but I am going to go through my fridge/pantry, vacuum, clean all the surfaces, etc. this weekend.

8. Do face masks and hair masks: My favorite mask is from Glossier (Galaxy Greens Pack), but there are so many good ones to try out.

9. Create a memory or photo book: I am making one for all of my recent travels. All you need is a book, photos, tickets, postcards, etc. from your trip. It is really fun to put it all together with stickers and any notes you want to add.

10. Try new recipes: I most likely won’t be doing this. I really don’t like cooking, so I will probably just stick to my normal meals. But still, this is a great chance to try out some new foods!

11. Write in a journal or even blog: I have been drafting up some blog posts, but journaling can also be really relaxing.

12. Make fun Pinterest boards: This one is pretty fun I would say! I have been putting together some new boards related to travel and also ideas for my future home office. I think working from my kitchen table the past week has made me excited to have an office someday!

13. Purchase gift cards to your favorite local shops/restaurants: A lot of restaurants and stores are closing down for the next few weeks, so getting a gift card for the future is a great way to support them in the meantime!

What are some things you are doing to stay busy over the next few weeks? Also, what would you like me to blog about in my next posts? I am hoping to post 2 or 3 times a week, so any ideas would be awesome! Stay healthy and I will see you in my next post!


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