Weekly Podcasts: What I Listen To Each Day

I am currently listening to a podcast on the train home from work and I thought it would be fun to share my weekly podcast listens. I have quite a few that I listen to each week, but for some reason I can’t find one I love for Thursday’s (let me know if you have recommendations). Here they are:

Monday: “Manifest with Tori DeSimone”, “Unfiltered”, and “Call Me Candid”

Tuesday: “What We Said” and “Schnitt Talk”

Wednesday: “Gals on the Go”

Thursday: I don’t have a podcast I love on Thursdays. There are a couple I will listen to if I need something to listen to, but sometimes I am behind on episodes from earlier in the week!

Friday: “Happy Hour with Gretchen Geraghty”and “Schnitt Talk”

These podcasts tend to fill up my morning and afternoon commute. I hardly ever listen to music anymore, but I do mix that in every now and then. What are your favorite podcasts? Especially episodes that come out on Thursdays 🙂

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