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Weekend Trip to Atlanta

My last trip of February was to Atlanta, Georgia. It may sound a little crazy, but my best friend (Aislinn) and I planned to meet up in Atlanta to visit the Glossier pop-up shop that opened there. Beyond going there we didn’t have any plans, but it was an excuse to meet up and travel somewhere together. Connor also has a friend (Richie) who lives in Atlanta so he was able to see him!

Connor and I flew out around 3pm on Friday. The flight was so quick, so we were with our friends in what felt like a minute. Richie picked us up and we ate a quick dinner at Gusto. Then we went to our Airbnb. We stayed pretty close to downtown, but I don’t really recommend where we stayed. It was fine, but it wasn’t my favorite. After checking in, we went out to Dark Horse. It was a pretty fun bar! The downstairs area was all karaoke which was really fun and it was super crowded. We were there all night and then headed home.

On Saturday morning, Aislinn and I ventured to Ponce City Market. Once we got there we knew we would be spending a lot of time there that day. There are tons of shops and restaurants to explore. We decided on an açaí bowl from Lucky Lotus since thats all we talked about on our walk to the market. These açaí bowls were seriously amazing! Aislinn and I were pleasantly surprised and agreed they were some of the best we have ever had! We also ran into a couple of friends there, so we ate with them and caught up!

We shopped around a little and eventually headed to the Glossier pop-up at the market. The line was super long, but it was a nice, sunny day. We waited about an hour to get in and then looked at all of the products. We each got some new things to try and waited in another line for the “experience room” which was basically for a photo. It was cool though, so I am glad we waited. Glossier is always such a fun in-store experience and the lighting is almost too good!

After Glossier we met up with Richie and Connor for a few minutes before heading into a cute little bookstore. I can’t remember the name of it, but it is right across from Anthropologie. It had so many books, cards, and cute gifts, so we loved it. I got the cutest card and some supplies for my travel memory book I have been working on.

We were finally feeling hungry so we got donuts from Five Daughters Bakery in the restaurant area of Ponce City Market. The donuts were incredible and exactly what we were craving. I believe Five Daughters has locations in Tennessee, Atlanta, and Florida, so you might be able to find one near you.

We knew we needed to visit the rooftop area of the market, so we got in line for that. It is $10 to go up, but it is definitely worth it. You can get a great Skyline View and take advantage of the fun activities up there too. We were back with the boys, so we decided to get the all activity pass ($15). It includes mini golf, the slides, as many games as you want, and more. I would say that was worth it as well. We probably spent 3-4 hours on the roof doing the activities and enjoying some drinks. We even won some prizes (haha). There was also a photo booth which I loved. It was overall super fun!

To end our day at Ponce City Market, we split up from the boys again. Aislinn and I got ramen at Ton Ton Ramen and the boys went to a chicken restaurant (I think haha). The ramen was honestly some of the best I have ever had and I have tried a lot of ramen. Aislinn enjoyed it as well.

We didn’t end up going out or doing much of anything on Saturday night since we were so tired from the night before and a full day. We played cards and just hung until we were too tired to stay up any longer. And that was really the end of the trip because we woke up and went to the airport the next morning!

Atlanta was such a quick trip, but truly so much fun. I loved getting to see my best friend and explore places I have never been to in Atlanta. And I am happy I got to visit another one of Glossier’s shops and get some new products to test out. I think Atlanta is a really fun spot for a weekend trip and it doesn’t break the bank which is even better.

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