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3 Things I Do To Stay Happy

Happy Tuesday! This week has been really good so far! My weekend was the perfect mix of relaxing and doing things, so I think that’s part of the reason I feel so refreshed.

I thought of this quick post idea when I was walking around at sunset in Arizona last week. Something about the cool, but nice weather, the palm trees, and the sun setting put me in the best, most grateful mood. It got me thinking about how I stay happy and positive (a majority of the time).

These are the 3 things I focus on:

1. Smiling: It almost instantly puts me in a better mood.

2. Enjoying the little things in life: For example, the cool breeze and palm trees on my walk last week.

3. Trusting the process: I don’t like to get too worked up about things that don’t go my way. I focus on being positive and knowing that I am learning along the way/realizing I will get better at anything I do with practice/hard work!

I hope this post was slightly helpful. These definitely aren’t groundbreaking tips, but they make my life very happy. What are some things that make you happy? What do you do to keep a positive outlook on life?

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