Travel Inspiration

Happy Tuesday! I’m here with my weekly post and I’m sure you aren’t surprised it’s about travel! I thought it would fun to share where I get travel inspiration and how I end up going to the cities I end up in.

1. Flight costs: As I have mentioned before, I often base my travels off what is cheapest the weekend I want to travel, so if it’s cheaper to fly to Dallas than D.C., I fly to Dallas that weekend. A good deal is always inspiration to go somewhere new!

2. One Thing: I find one random place within that city or the surrounding cities that I want to visit. For example, I really wanted to go to Gnome Cones in Denton, TX, so I searched for cheap flights to Dallas. Then I made a weekend of it!

3. Instagram: I follow a lot of travel related accounts and restaurants around the world. If a few places in one city look cool, I make sure to check on flights to those places/or plan a road trip. I saw ads for Garden of the Gods in Southern IL for months and decided I wanted to visit because it looked so pretty!

4. Pinterest: I am always making Pinterest boards related to various travel destinations. I have boards for places I haven’t even considered booking flights for yet, but I love having a bunch of ideas for things to do when I actually book that flight.

5. Friends: I will often hear of fun places to visit based on where friends are currently living or places they have visited.

6. Events/Pop-up Shops: A lot of brands I follow have events and pop-ups around the U.S. If I see something cool happening, I will check flight prices so I can go to the pop-up and explore the city the rest of the weekend. I did this when I went to Miami to visit the Museum of Ice Cream, and I will be doing this to visit a Glossier pop-up in Atlanta!

These are some of the ways I find reasons to travel and things to do while I am visiting different cities. My overall biggest tip is to find little reasons to travel somewhere new and explore. I do this all the time, even in my own city! Where do you get travel inspiration?

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