January Favorites

January is coming to an end, so I figured I would share some of my favorites from this month. January felt like the longest month ever so it gave me a lot of time to find some new favorites. Here they are!!!

Glossier Bubblewrap: I purchased this in the summer, but didn’t start using it until this month. It is an under-eye cream and apparently a lip plumper. I just use it under my eyes and I feel like it does make a different. I also like the packaging because it is easy to use and travel with.

rockdoodles calendar: rockdoodles is one of my favorite Instagram accounts. When I saw she was releasing a daily calendar I was so excited. Connor actually preordered it for me in the summer, but I finally got to start using it on January 1st. The doodles on each page are so cute and I always look forward to seeing the doodle each day when I get to work. I believe Connor ordered it on Amazon, but you can get it on rockdoodles.com!

8 Greens Tablets: My mom gave me these a few months ago, but I never really used them. They are basically little tablets you put in water with a bunch of healthy nutrients and vitamins. I put one tablet in water each morning and I think it actually tastes pretty good!

Call Me Candid Podcast: I discovered this podcast yesterday, but it came out this month. I found it on Instagram, but basically it is just 2 girls (one is a YouTuber and the other has her own business doing illustrations, prints, etc.) talking about life, motivation, their jobs, etc. I have listened to the 2 episodes that are out right now and I have really enjoyed them!

Velvet Leggings: I feel like I have mentioned these before, but I am obsessed with my velvet leggings. I wear them all the time with all kinds of outfits. They are really comfy, but also make outfits look a bit more fun. I will link them here.

What We Said “Awesome” merch: My favorite podcast released merch in December. I normally wouldn’t buy merch, but I wanted to support my favorite podcasters and everything they released was so cute. I got the pink “Awesome” sweatshirt and I have been wearing it every weekend.

That is all I have for favorites this month. What are some of your favorites from January? What are you looking forward to in February?

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