My Goals for 2020

Happy New Year! I am pretty sure I have shared my goals every year since I started blogging. It is a great way for me to get my goals out there and hold myself accountable. I shared a recap of the goals I had for 2019 in a post, so if you want to check that out, I will link it here.

I have more vague goals for 2020, but they are still attainable and realistic, which is definitely important. A couple are fairly similar to goals from 2019, but more of an expansion on those. Here are the goals I am going to reach in 2020:

-launch my podcast (YAY!!)

-blog at least once a week

-read 10 books (I think I only read 3 in 2019 which is not great haha)

-talk less and listen more

-travel to 5 new places (I have one trip (to a new place) planned so far, and hopefully Utah or Vermont will happen this year!!)

-run a race

-practice drawing (I want to be more creative and I like drawing)

-make more sustainable choices (actually remember my reusable straw, bring my own coffee cup, etc.)

I have a few other goals for the year, but these are the main goals I have in mind. Most of these are more geared toward my personal life, hobbies, and happiness, which I think is great. What are some goals you have for the New Year?

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