Arizona Trip Recap

I spent a long weekend in Arizona for my “birthday weekend.” I had visited Arizona a couple times before during the year, but I never really experienced it fully. Connor and I managed to visit many different parts of Arizona during our trip and it was so much fun! Here are the highlights:

The Grand Canyon: We basically stopped by the Grand Canyon  because I just wanted to see it. It was very pretty, very crowded, and pretty snowy the day we visited. I am excited to go during a warmer month so we can actually spend time hiking there.

Horseshoe Bend: I have had Horseshoe Bend as my desktop background at work for almost a year. Someone I work with told me about it and I thought it was so beautiful. I was probably the most excited for this stop because of that. We went at sunrise and it was the perfect time to go. You only have to walk a little bit from the parking lot to get there and then you can enjoy the view. I would love to go back during the day when the sky is super blue. It was more of a gloomy day, so sunrise was the perfect time to go.

Antelope Canyon: I bet most of you have seen Antelope Canyon on Instagram. I guess it has become more and more popular over the past couple of years. In order to visit, you have to sign up for a tour. We chose a tour at 10am. However, I heard 11am is the best time for a tour.  It was $60 per person, but it was worth it for sure! The tour took us through the Upper Canyon and we got a pretty good lesson in photography (even though most of my photos turned out so bad haha). I am happy we visited during the winter because it was easy to get a tour, but it is best to go in the summer so you can see all of the beams of light in the canyon.

Sedona: Sedona might have been my favorite part of the trip. First of all, it is so pretty. I love the red rocks and the trees. We did the Devils Bridge hike which was about 2 miles total. It was a really fun hike and the view was worth it for sure. I love hikes where you get to see something Cool in the end (I imagine most people do haha). We admired the view and took a few photos on the bridge. It looked pretty scary from far away, but once you were standing on it, it wasn’t scary at all!

Phoenix: We didn’t spend too much time in Phoenix since we were visiting different parks, but we did stay the night there twice and have a couple meals there. We got yummy coffee at Provisions (highly recommend). The coffee drinks were so fancy, and definitely specialty drinks! Connor and l love coffee shops that offer fun lattes. We ate dinner at Pizzeria Bianco our first night in Phoenix. I loved the outdoor seating and the unique pizza options. We got the “Rosa” which had pistachios, red onion, and cheese on it. Finally, we got tacos at Cocina Madigral on our last night there. I got the veggie tacos and an elote. Both were so good!

Saguaro National Park: We drove to Saguaro on our last full day in Arizona. It is only about 2 hours from Phoenix. There are two sides to the park and I definitely preferred the Western half. We hiked around and enjoying the views and the many cacti, It was such a pretty park and the Visitors Center was so nice. Visiting during the winter was perfect because we could avoid the heat of the summer.

Overall, it was such an amazing trip! I felt very energized but relaxed the whole time which made it even better. I absolutely love exploring new places and spending time in nature because there isn’t a whole lot of that in Chicago. Arizona is such a cool state with so many cool spots to visit. I am SO excited to take another trip there soon!

* I wasn’t able to upload all of my photos for some reason, so I’ll add them in at some point. Arizona is so beautiful so photos would definitely be nice.

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