August Favorites

I haven’t done a favorites post in awhile, so here we are! I am sharing some of my favorite things from August (and probably before August too).

1. Nest Diffuser: I got mine at Nordstrom Rack. I think they are normally $50, but they are only $25 at Nordstrom Rack! I have the Japanese Black Currant scent and it is so nice, but also powerful, which is great. I hear they last like 6-9 months, so I will let you all know!

2. Converse: I go through phases with Converse. I have probably had like 20 pairs since middle school, but they really never get old for me. They are the perfect shoe for the summer because they match everything and I think they are really comfy! I have been wearing my black pair a bunch, but the white are my favorite for summer! I think a light pink or light purple could be really cute too.

3. Trader Joe’s Thai Vegetable Gyoza: This stuff rocks. It’s so yummy, so easy, and a nice price! They have it in the freezer section at Trader Joe’s and it is about $4 I want to say. It’s not the healthiest thing, but it’s a fun treat.

4. Amber Oil Perfume: I found this at Whole Foods. It’s a tiny roll on perfume that smells so nice. I believe the size I have was around $9, but I linked one I could find from Amazon. The scent lasts all day and it’s not too strong where you would get a headache.

5. Photos: I recently started printing out photos to decorate my apartment. I printed some larger 8 by 10 pictures that I have been hanging up. I am also working on a little map decoration with photos which has been fun.

6. Stationary/cards: This might be my #1 favorite right now. I have been obsessed with sending cards to friends and family. Some of my favorite places to get cards are local shops like Foursided or Neighborly, but Trader Joe’s (only 99 cents!!), TJ Maxx, and Target have great cards too!

7. Hello Fresh: I have mentioned Hello Fresh a few times on here, but it is still a favorite and I am still ordering from it a couple times a month. The meals are so yummy and it makes my week a bit simpler. Sometimes I hate getting it because then I have to cook, but at the same time it makes me cook a yummy meal.

8. Summer walks: It is summer and the weather is great in Chicago. I love taking walks after work or on the weekend to get outside, but also to explore. I always find new restaurants, murals, or shops that I want to visit!

9. La Colombe canned coffees: La Colombe is one of my favorite coffee shops, but I can’t go there all the time or everyday, so I am always getting the canned coffees. They have a few different flavors at the grocery stores near me, so I will always pick up a few for the week. I like the vanilla and caramel flavors the best, but I heard they may be putting the oat milk draft latte in a can (my favorite to get at the actual coffee shop).

That is all for this favorites post! Let me know what some of your favorites are right now! I would love to try them out!

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