Another Weekend In Chicago

Happy Sunday night! I am bringing back a classic post that I always used to write. I realized that these can be fun and semi helpful. Depending on what I do on the weekend, these can provide Chicago recommendations, or even just give ideas of fun things to do on the weekend! Connor and I didn’t have a lot planned for the weekend and I loved that. Sometimes it is nice to be at home, organize, go to my favorite places, and relax. We didn’t want to do anything too crazy this weekend since we have some trips coming up in the next few weeks.

Onto the recap…

On Friday night Connor and I headed to Tinley Park for a country concert. We saw my favorite country singer, Dierks Bentley. It wasn’t my first time seeing him, but I was so excited because he is a great performer and playing his latest album (“The Mountain” is one of my favorite albums ever!!) We got snacks, a drink, and a pretty good spot in the lawn to enjoy the show. After the concert, we headed to Chinatown. We have a post-concert tradition where we get late night food in Chinatown after. Chinatown is sort of far from our place, so going there on our way home from the concert venue works great. Plus, Chinatown has a bunch of late night restaurants to choose from.

We ended up at Shinya Ramen. I found this spot on Google when I was looking up late night restaurants. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the reviews were awesome. We got there around 11pm and there were a few other people enjoying ramen. We were immediately seated and order pretty quickly too. We got yummy drinks (a matcha latte cocktail for me and a blood orange mojito for Connor), spicy edamame (AMAZING), and our ramen. Connor got the tonkatsu and I got the tofu veggie option. The ramen ended up being awesome. My favorite part was the broth and Connor loved the pork in his ramen. There were about 12 ramen options and a bunch of other menu items, so there should be something for everyone. Additionally, prices were good! Drinks were $6.99 (so inexpensive for Chicago) and ramen was anywhere from $11 to $15 I would say. Lastly, the staff was so nice! They checked in a few times and made sure we were enjoying our food, which I loved. I highly recommend and I will definitely be going back!

After ramen, we headed home to go to sleep. I have been so tired lately, so a good night of sleep was necessary. Connor and I decided to have a more productive Saturday and get a few things done. On Saturday morning, Connor and I headed to the NYC Bagel Deli in Lincoln Park. We love it and its close to some shopping we wanted to do! We both got sesame bagels with artichoke parmesan cream cheese. The bagels are really good and the cream cheese is even better! After eating our bagels in the car, we went over to Nordstrom Rack. I love Nordstrom Rack. It is where I get most of my clothes that I wear to work. Everything I get there is simple and I always wear it a ton. I ended up with a couple sweaters I can wear to work this fall which was great! After Nordstrom, we drove over to a Walmart Supercenter. We rarely go to Walmart since it isn’t super convenient, but it is worth it every now and then! We picked up some picture frames for some photos I wanted to hang up and then went back home.

We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and organizing our apartment. We end up organizing every week or two since our place is so small. Plus, with working and not being home a lot, it can get messy. Connor did the dishes and I worked on laundry and picking up the apartment. I love having clean home so much! We also made time to book a trip somewhere fun for the fall! To end the night we made Hello Fresh and enjoyed some Moscow mules!

We woke up so late on Sunday, but I love getting to sleep in. We immediately got ready, hopped on the train, and got coffee at Big Shoulders in West Town. It is right off the Blue Line, so it is super easy to get to! The shop was so cute and I loved the decor. It was open and bright too which was nice. I could see myself blogging or reading there on the weekends. I ordered an iced matcha latte and Connor got an iced vanilla latte. We sipped our drinks a bit there and then got back on the train.

We decided to go to State Street. State Street is right downtown and a great area to shop. There are a ton of stores I like over there, but the only two places we wanted to go were Target and TJ Maxx. We walked around target and got a couple essentials and then went to TJ Maxx. A few of the main things I was excited about included a cute shirt I could wear to work from Target, vegan gummy bears, and some natural deodorant from the brand NATIVE.

After shopping, Connor and I parted ways as he was going to see a movie with a friend and I was heading home. Sadly, I got locked out since he had the keys, so I sat outside blogging and munching on my new gummy bears (the brand is Lady May and they were good!).

After being locked out for the duration of a movie, all I wanted to do was cook dinner, shower, and lay on the couch. Connor and I had plans to get dessert after we made dinner, but we decided to push that off until later in the week. Stay tuned on my Instagram to find out where we got dessert!

That’s all for my weekend post. It wasn’t a super crazy weekend. We really just relaxed and enjoyed a few little adventures. What did you do this weekend?

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