What I Am Packing For California

Happy almost Friday everyone. I am already so excited for my upcoming trip to California. I have been planning out what I am packing for a few weeks now, so I thought I would share. I am pretty good about packing for trips since I usually only pack in a backpack. I am hoping I can fit everything into my backpack, but I may end up using a small duffle bag. We are doing a pretty good mix of things while we are there, so I will need clothes/shoes for hiking, going to the beach, and exploring LA.

Here are some of the main things I am bringing to California (with some product links):

Hiking boots

Hydration pack (it is going to be super hot on our hike so I’ll need lots of water)

Leggings or shorts with matching tank (shout out to Outdoor Voices)

Running shorts

A couple t-shirts (one to sleep in and another for the flight home or if I am feeling lazy)

Two dresses (easy to throw on while still looking cute)

Jeans (might need but also might not ever wear haha)

Swim suit



Sunglasses (I will honestly end up bringing 2 options even though I only need 1 pair, but I am indecisive)

Jewelry (an extra pair of earrings and a necklace)

Other than that I will bring toiletries and other essentials! And clearly I will be packing pretty light which is good for walking around and moving from hotel to hotel. What is the number one thing you always pack for trips?


2 thoughts on “What I Am Packing For California”

  1. I ALWAYS pack TOO many extra pairs of underwear and sandals! Haha! I think I am always paranoid that I won’t have clean underwear, bras, socks, etc. Do you ever find that you pack too many pairs of underclothes? 😀

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