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Self-Care Sunday: Tips & Tricks

Happy Sunday everyone!! I have a love-hate relationship with Sunday’s because I love the idea of relaxing/recharging/prepping for the upcoming week, but I also don’t want the weekend to end.

Anyway, I am going to share some “self-care” tips and tricks. I try to make my Sunday’s a nice mix of productivity and relaxation, so I would say my tips are pretty reflective of this.

1. Sleep in- I love waking up and getting my day started, especially on the weekends. However, on Sunday, I sleep as long as I need to. I feel like it sets me up for a good week.

2. Get outside- I love exploring Chicago on Sunday’s. I either go to some of the local farmers markets, walk to get bagels or coffee, go for a run, or just sit outside.

3. Clean- this one is huge for me. I love getting laundry and dishes done on Sunday. They are the two main things that pile up during the work week. I also vacuum, dust, clean the bathroom, and organize anything that got cluttered during the week.

4. Light a candle- I have become obsessed with candles. I love to have one burning on the kitchen counter when I am home. I have a few different ones that I have been burning- one from Target, one I found at Aldi, and one Connor got me for Valentine’s Day (it’s the Pure Love kombucha candle from GT’s). I love when our apartment smells good and they are relaxing.

5. Diffuse essential oils- I got the same diffuser that my friend Brooke (hi Brooke if you are reading this) has and I use it almost daily. I mostly have it on at night, so lavender is always my go-to.

6. Stretch- there was a long period of time where I never stretched. I am mostly talking before and after running because I always hated it in high school. However, I love stretching to get my body moving. I still don’t stretch before or after running, but I do think it is a nice way to loosen up and relax.

7. Shower and get ready for bed early- I would say I shower and put my pajamas on by 4 or 5 on Sunday’s. I am able to do a face mask and do my nails if I need to! I have been testing out a few different face masks, but I always love the rose mask from Trader Joe’s and my greens mask from Glossier.

Those are all of my tips for now. Doing these things on Sunday’s helps me feel ready for upcoming week. What are some ways you relax or practice self-care?

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