Life Update

I thought I should pop on over to my blog and share a bit of a life update. Nothing too crazy is going on, but a lot of my posts have been related to trips/travel lately, and haven’t been as personal.

I briefly mentioned some things I wanted to accomplish over the summer in my “Summer Bucket List” post, some of which included goals I have for 2019 overall. I have been listening to a bunch of podcasts, watching videos, and reading about the best ways to go about video editing, vlogging, and starting a podcasts. For some reason, starting a podcast has been a daunting task for me, so I am glad to be absorbing more information on how to really do it.

Going along with that, I feel like I have been learning a lot more. I am more focused on my goals and I am making more time for them. I am realizing how much I care about my hobbies and things I just like doing for fun. However, I do want to do a good job blogging, creating videos, etc., so learning and taking more time on things has been good.

I have been using Hello Fresh for a month or two now. I am planning to do a post on my experience soon. I am also deciding what product or service that I want to try out next for my experiment. I mentioned this in a prior post as well (read it here). I will give a sneak preview of my Hello Fresh experience now– it has really helped me cook (one of my goals for 2019). It can be annoying with all the prepping and clean up, but I am always happy that I took the time to make a yummy and healthy meal. I really do appreciate how Hello Fresh helped me get closer to one of my goals.

I just finished Gossip Girl… literally 30 minutes ago. I started watching it randomly when I was home sick from work in February or March (I’m pretty sure it was around then). I had no idea what to watch, so I just went with Gossip Girl. I ended up loving it, even at the end when I was told it wasn’t good/seemed low budget (haha). I am sad it’s over, but glad it had a nice ending.

Lastly, I have been keeping up with running lately. Even on the days that I don’t plan to run, I end up running. I really love that! It is really the best time for me and the weather has been great.

So I guess that wraps my life update for now! I am hoping to get some new posts together over the next couple weeks, so stay tuned for those. I have a long list of ideas waiting in my notes.

5 thoughts on “Life Update”

  1. If you need some shows to binge watch I would recommend America’s Next Top Model there at like 30 seasons … I generally just have it on in the background. I would also recommend How to Get Away With Murder and Scandal, but these will require a bit more focus! 🙂

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  2. I can’t wait to read more about your Hello Fresh experience! It sounds like such a fun idea and super helpful for cooking/saving time on grocery shopping.
    I’m still in season 1 of Gossip Girl, lol! I’m glad to hear you even liked it at the end though, that’s good to know! Everyone seems to love it so I’m looking forward to watching more!

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    1. I surprisingly have loved hello fresh! I have another box coming next week, so I’ll most likely recap it after that! And gossip girl is so worth the time to watch. There are so many episodes in a season so it takes awhile to get through it all!

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