Favorite Spots in Logan Square

It’s Sunday and I think this is the first blog that I have been “on schedule” for in a LONG time. Per usual, I am writing about Chicago. Who’s surprised?! This was the first weekend where Connor and I were actually in Chicago for an entire weekend. It was actually really nice on Friday, but Saturday it snowed. The snow didn’t last long because I am sitting by a window at a coffee shop (Sawada Coffee in West Loop) enjoying the sunshine while writing this.

Anyway, the point of this blog is to share some fun spots in Logan Square. I love Logan Square. It is off the Blue Line (the California and Logan Square stops), maybe 20 minutes from the actual city. I love going there for food, coffee, drinks, and just to walk around. In the summertime, it has the BEST farmer’s market. I am so excited to enjoy it more this summer, since it will be our first full summer here in Chicago. Here are some my favorite places in Logan Square…

Revolution Brewing: Yummy beer and food! I love the veggie burger here. It was my favorite veggie burger until recently, but you’ll see why it’s my second favorite now soon! You can find it right off the California Blue Line stop.

Pretty Cool Ice Cream: I have brought this up before awhile back! Pretty Cool opened a week after I moved to Chicago, and it has a been a favorite since. It has so many popsicles and ice cream treats. Plus, it’s adorable. It is also right down the road from the California Blue Line stop.

The Chicago Diner: A vegan restaurant needed to make the list! This one is super popular! There are a couple locations, but I have only ever been to the one off the California stop (clearly lots of good spots at this stop). It has so many options for meals (tacos, country fried “steak”, burgers, and more), appetizers, and desserts. I also love the neon sign there.

Todos Santos: If you like mezcal, you will love Todos Santos. There is a restaurant upstairs (I have never been) and then Todos Santos is downstairs. The bar has quite a few signature, mezcal drinks. They all come in adorable cups, each being different to identify the type of drink. I have tried a few of them, and they were amazing! This is a 5-10 minute walk from the California stop.eabe6d86-da1c-40f7-a045-7a52d98226c4-1.jpg

Mini Mott: I LOVE Mini Mott. When I am craving a burger (veggie burger of course) and fries, this is what I picture. Mini Mott puts a twist on traditional burgers, sandwiches, fries, and ice cream. The veggie burger is the best veggie burger I have ever had. It is made with jack fruit and I think anyone would love it. You can find Mini Mott by walking a few minutes down Milwaukee from the Logan Square stop.

Young American: This is a newer bar off the Logan Square stop. It has a good vibe to it– neon signs, bar seating, and an area in the corner with more seating. They serve food, but I have only been for drinks. They have some signature cocktails and other drinks made without alcohol (I think a lot of them would taste good as cocktails as well!)

That sums up my Logan Square post! It’s a fun area to check out and fun way to get away from the city! Which place would you want to try the most?

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