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Seattle Trip Recap: Days 2 & 3

Happy Thursday! The long awaited day 2 and day 3 post is finally here (just kidding. I doubt anyone was waiting impatiently for this haha). But nonetheless, it’s here!

Day 2 started out with coffee and bagels at Kaladi Brothers Coffee. We woke up pretty early and decided we should grab a bite to eat before our hike at Mount Rainier (more details on the “hike” later). The coffee was great and the coffee shop was really nice. There were tons of tables to sit at and dogs so it was great!

We grabbed our rental car at Enterprise and hit the road. Mount Rainier is about 2 hours from Seattle. It doesn’t look like it would take that long, but driving up the winding mountain takes a bit. We had no intentions of doing a serious hike. We didn’t even have any hiking gear or a winter coat with us. We just wanted to do something outdoorsy, and we have gone to a National Park for our anniversary every year, so we couldn’t stop on this trip!

Anyway, we drove up the mountain and eventually made it to the classic National Park sign. We figured that there would be a visitors area or something like that, so we kept going. We drove about 3 minutes further and it was snowing much more. We were surprised that the car was clearing the snow piled up in the center of the lane, and just as we said that, we got stuck. We tried reversing. We tried digging the snow out under car. We weren’t exactly sure what to do.

Luckily, a truck pulled up behind us (our heroes)! Two people walked out (shout out to Peter and Destiny! She also took a lovely picture of Connor and I) and said Peter saw us going up and wondered if we were going to get stuck. Obviously, we looked like silly tourists. He wasn’t able to tow us out, but he knew that there were some “Jeepers” down the mountain a bit who could. We then went down the road a bit to talk to them. It was perfect because they had been towing people out that morning, so they weren’t shocked. They were kind enough to tow us out. It took a few minutes of digging to attach the tow strap (shout out to Connor for that– I just cheered him on and took pictures of him haha), but eventually they were able to tow us back a little. And by a little, I mean a few feet. We were barely stuck. Then they guided us down a bit and we were on our way!

We were so lucky to meet such kind people who were willing to help. It seems like they were used to these types of situations which was nice. They also let us know that the touristy area that we were looking for was in a totally different place. Basically, the moral of the story is that we are going to do more research on where exactly to drive to, and we are going to visit in the summer to avoid snow!

After our adventure at Mount Rainier, we drove back to Capitol Hill. We went straight to dinner since we hadn’t eaten since the bagels. We decided on HoneyHole Sandwiches. It was a sandwich place right next to our Airbnb. The host recommended it. We got a drink (much deserved) and some yummy sandwiches. They really hit the spot. Then we decided ice cream was necessary too, so we went to Molly Moon’s. I really don’t remember what flavor we got, but I don’t think you could go wrong with any of them. Plus you can try them too!

We planned to go out for drinks, or at least to explore more, but fell right asleep once we got back to our Airbnb.

The next morning we got up super early. We packed up our stuff and got ready to leave our Airbnb. We got an Uber to Moore Coffee. I just had to go again. Plus, I wanted to try the original location. We got lattes and they were even more adorable that the matcha I got before. Connor’s has a cute octopus on it, and mine had a bear. I was so happy because I really wanted a bear. You can’t really request the animal (I tried of course) because it depends on the consistency of the coffee/milk.

After coffee, we wandered to Pike Place Market. We needed to kill some time before meeting up with our friends, Chris and Erica. We walked around a bit and then met up with them. Prior to meeting up, I met an adorable corgi named Bella. She was so cute and had spots like a cow.

We caught up with our friends and then got breakfast at Both Ways Cafe. It was a bit of a drive, but it was worth it. They all got biscuits and gravy, and I got an omelet. We all loved our food! After breakfast, they dropped us off near the light rail. Connor and I grabbed a last minute treat as if we weren’t already stuffed, and then hopped on the train to the airport.

I will spare you all the details from our travel back to Chicago because our trip wasn’t quite as fun at the end. Basically, we ended up sleeping in the Minneapolis airport because there wasn’t room to land in Chicago. It wasn’t the best night of sleep (literally didn’t sleep) but it was sort of fun in a way! I will definitely remember it forever.

Overall, We had the BEST time in Seattle and we can’t wait to go back. We are planning to go back when it’s warmer so we can hit all 3 National Parks near Seattle. I really want to go to Olympic, so hopefully we can go there!

2 thoughts on “Seattle Trip Recap: Days 2 & 3”

  1. Eek … that does not sound like an ideal return home. I am a tad bit shocked that they couldn’t get you into the Chicago airport. I hope that your next travels do not include detours to the Minneapolis airport unless you are actually getting some time to sight see in MN. 🙂

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    1. Yeah it was super late at night so maybe that’s why? I’m not really sure! It ended up being kind of funny, but you’re right, my next stay in Minneapolis will be to explore, not to sleep in the airport 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

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