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Weekend Trip to Detroit

Happy Monday! Changing things up this week with a Monday post. Honestly, I was so tired yesterday when we got home from Detroit, so I knew this post would have to wait a day or two. Anyway, Connor and I ventured to Detroit, Michigan on Saturday morning. We got kind of a late start, but we had a hotel for that night, so it wasn’t a big deal. The drive to Detroit from Chicago is around 4 hours, so it wasn’t too long for a weekend trip!

We arrived in Detroit late afternoon. We drove around the city to get an overview of the downtown and some surrounding areas. We grabbed a coffee at Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company. I got a matcha and Connor got a Five Spice Latte. Both were yummy, and it seemed like a really nice coffee shop to work at or do homework. It was a decent size shop with a bunch of seating.

We stopped by our hotel (The Trumbell and Porter Hotel) to check in, and then headed to lunch. We decided on SLOWS BAR BQ. I am not typically a BBQ person, but we heard good things about it. There ended up being a vegetarian BBQ sandwich, so that was awesome. I love being able to try new things! I forget the name of Connor’s sandwich, but the bartender recommended it!

After SLOWS, we headed to the river walk. It was such a pretty day out. It was sunny out and relatively warm, so we knew we needed to enjoy the outdoors. We walked along the river down to the carousel and turned back. We saw so many dogs (shout out to Brandy the Newfoundland) and enjoyed the view of Canada across the river.

After our walk, we drove around a bit more to decide what to do next. We opted to head back to our hotel and Uber to get a couple of drinks. A friend recommended The Sugar House for cocktails, and it ended up being awesome. We each tried a couple of drinks, and then went to a late dinner. Since it was like 10pm (we had a super late lunch), we went to Johnny Noodle King to end our day. Of course, I was craving ramen, so that is how we ended up there. It really wasn’t that good, but it was the best option available. They did have a lot of choices on the menu, which I appreciated!

On Sunday, we made a couple stops on our way out of Detroit. First, we got brunch at The Dime Store. The wait was about 30 minutes, but I didn’t mind it. There were so many people waiting so I assumed that was a good sign. We got a perfect seat by the window which I loved– I had a great view of the neon sign (haha). I got the avocado/tomato breakfast sandwich with brussel sprouts. Connor got the corned beef hash. We both loved our meals, especially the brussel sprouts.

After breakfast, we drove about 20 minutes from downtown to The Detroit Cookie Company. This place was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Detroit. I saw it on Instagram and it looked so cute. I was happy to see it was just as adorable in real life. The cookie selection was awesome– so many fun flavors. We got cookies with ingredients like peanut butter, coffee, toffee, cotton candy, raspberry, and more. The actual shop was so cute and decorated perfectly. I loved the mural outside too! And finally, the people who worked there were so kind!

*The girl working asked why we were in Detroit and how we liked it. We told her we had a really nice time and were surprised by how much there was to do. She also brought up how so many people have misconceptions about Detroit, and that more people should visit and give it a chance. I loved that because you really don’t know what a city is like until you visit. Places can change so much in 5 years, even just one!

The Detroit Cookie Company was our last stop. After I took lots of photos of the shop, we headed home. Connor and I are excited to go back in the summer or fall to experience more of what Detroit has to offer.

Have you been to Detroit? If so, what were your favorite things to do there? What other cities should Connor and I visit?

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