Lazy Weekend Highlights

Happy Sunday! Here with a few highlights from my lazy weekend. I usually like to have lots planned for the weekend, but this weekend I definitely just needed to relax. Connor and I didn’t do much this weekend, but there were a few eventful moments.

On Friday night we got ramen for dinner. I am on a quest to try all of the ramen places in Chicago. We ended up at Ramen Takeya in the Fulton Market. We went around 7pm, so it was a bit crowded, but we definitely went at a good time. The wait was less than 20 minutes and our food came out fast. We got brussel sprouts for an appetizer and they were so good. They were really flakey and had a hint of lemon which I liked.

I got the vegan ramen and added an egg per usual. Connor got a shio ramen. He wasn’t a huge fan of his. I don’t think he liked the broth, but I loved mine. I didn’t love some of the toppings, but the broth was so flavorful. After ramen, we watched New Girl and ordered Insomnia cookies for a little treat. We got a few different flavors. Connor liked the red velvet best and I liked the peanut butter best.

We did nothing all day on Saturday, but did meet up with two friends for drinks and dinner. We went to Happy Camper and got pizzas to share. I shared a veggie option with Benny and Connor shared one with Zach. I think the pizzas were called Glenn and Mike, but I could be wrong about that. I also got a really yummy drink. It had gin and basil in it. I’m definitely going to recreate it at home sometime. After drinks and dinner, we went out for a little, but I still got home decently early. I love getting lots of sleep on the weekend.

A final highlight of the weekend was grocery shopping. Connor and I don’t go grocery shopping too often because we usually try to stock up each time. I went a couple weeks ago, so we were due for a grocery run. Instead of going to Aldi, we drove to Mariano’s so we could get a bunch of stuff– ingredients to make tacos, some ramen ingredients, lots of soup (I was craving soup hahah), fruit, and lots more. I am glad we went to a bigger grocery store. Aldi doesn’t have a ton of variety, so it’s nice to try different things. I did miss how easy it was to shop. At Aldi, I always get the same things and know exactly where everything is.

I am happy we were able to relax a bit this weekend, but I’m excited to do something more adventurous next weekend. What did you do this weekend? Do you like to have a lot planned on the weekend or do you prefer to rest up and relax?

4 thoughts on “Lazy Weekend Highlights”

  1. I had a pretty low key weekend too … Minnesota got hit with snow and high winds again this weekend so on Saturday I hit the gym with my mom for a barbell strength class (still can’t believe she joined me) and then went grocery shopping so I wouldn’t have to do it today and then last night the “storm” came through and I barely slept because ALL I could hear all night was the strong winds and the snow plows. I am literally so tired because I NEED a night of sleep WITHOUT loud noises. We’ll see if it happens tonight! (Fingers Crossed)

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    1. I am so bad about working out on the weekends, so that sounds really great! That storm does not sound fun though. One thing that I always need is a lot of good sleep. I cannot function without a solid 8-9 hours 😂 I hope the weather calms down for you this week 😊


  2. We went out of town for the weekend, just a couple hours a way, for a concert with some friends and made a weekend of it. I feel like we either have lots planned, or we’re lazy… and I like both. This weekend we have ZERO plans, and I’m perfectly content with that. We will prob grab dinner one night somewhere and just binge watch tv and play some video games together for most of the weekend. When it warms up some, we like to go out more and take our pup to the park.

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    1. Concerts are such a fun thing to do on the weekend! I feel like I haven’t been to a concert in awhile! Lazy weekends have become my favorite lately just because it’s so cold outside. It’s not as fun to explore when it’s freezing out haha

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