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Things I Want To Invest More In

Hello everyone! I am back with a new post. I feel like I am really starting to get the hang of my new schedule. It is so nice knowing exactly when I am going to post. I feel super happy when I keep on schedule, but love that I am also writing things I feel like writing, and not just posting to post (hopefully that made sense).

Anyway, I was thinking about the things I invest my time, money, energy, etc. in after listening to a podcast. Shout out to my constant favorite podcast, “What We Said.” The podcast definitely inspired me to consider investments I am making.

Here are 3 things I want to invest more in:

Hair Care/Products: The girls on “What We Said” interviewed a hair stylist who is super successful and great at her job. One thing they discussed at the end was hair products and what the best ones are for your hair. The overall podcast was great and inspiring, but this particular topic got me thinking about the products I use and how much I invest in my hair. I would say I invest very little in this area. I have brown hair and I like the color, so I don’t need to color it or do anything like that. I don’t really style my hair too different each day either. I usually have it in a ponytail, straight, or in a braid. I don’t like to use a lot of heat on my hair, which is good I would say. However, I should invest a bit more time into making my hair look more put together. I should also relearn how to French braid because those always look cute. Additionally, I don’t invest in the products I use. In the podcast they mentioned how most shampoos are mostly made of wax and other ingredients that weigh your hair down. I want to look into a more high end, healthy, or more natural shampoo and conditioner to take better care of my hair, and maybe give it a bit more volume. I could definitely use the volume haha.

Cooking: One of my resolutions for this year was to learn to cook. I can’t say I have made huge strides toward this goal yet, but it is something I am working on little by little. Connor and I have a few cook books, I have so many Pinterest recipes saved, and my mom compiled all of my favorite recipes for me in a little booklet. So basically, I am set when it comes to the actual instructions and meal ideas. For me, the hardest part is investing my time in cooking. I am good about getting my oatmeal ready in the morning, but that isn’t actual cooking. What I find is that I am tired or lazy after work and don’t want to take 30-40 minutes to prepare a meal. I definitely need to invest a bit more time into cooking dinner. One thing that has helped me so far is planning ahead on meals I want to make, and getting the ingredients all at once. I usually run into the issue of not having an ingredient and deciding not to make the meal. Having the ingredients on hand, or even making a substitution for the ingredient are helpful for me. So far, I have invested more time into the dinners I have cooked this week (veggie burrito bowls, ramen, etc.) and I am much more satisfied with the final product.

Fitness: I have always been pretty good about exercising and going to the gym/running. I am not always super motivated to do it, but as long as I make time, it is something I truly enjoy. I have so many exercise and health related goals, and I don’t prioritize them as much as I should. With work, keeping my apartment in order, going on adventures, my hobbies, etc., I can sort of push fitness to the back burner. One thing I have been thinking about and that I want to invest more time and money into is fitness. I have never been a big workout class person, but there are a bunch of classes that I want to try out. I think spending a little bit on classes would be a fun way to mix things up, but also give a little more motivation. I also want to join a gym closer to my apartment. It doesn’t need to be a super fancy gym, but I think having an option closer to home would be great because I don’t always want to work out at the gym in my office building. Plus, I don’t think winter is ever going to end here and I can’t say I love running on the icy sidewalks.

In order to make sure I am investing the time and resources necessary into these areas of my life, I will have small goals to work up to. Research and planning are the two first steps for all of them. Researching good shampoos/hair products for my hair, planning meals for the week & getting the ingredients, and looking into different gyms and classes are all great first steps. Investing in these areas of my life will take a little bit of time, but I know I will be happier and healthier for it.

What is something you want to invest more time, money, or energy into? Do you have any recommendations for hair products, yummy recipes (vegetarian please haha), or fun workout classes (or inexpensive gyms)?

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  1. I really enjoy spinning classes. I would recommend joining a gym that includes classes in the membership fees so that you aren’t having to pay for each individual class you want to take. I am personally a member at lifetime fitness. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive BUT all of the benefits outweigh the costs, in my opinion. Good luck on your search! 🙂


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