Planning Summer Trips

Summer is when my job is the busiest, but I want to continue traveling and taking weekend road trips. Since it is freezing out and always snowing, I am thinking about the various trips I want to take. Connor and I look up flights every day or every few days, so we can plan ahead.

I imagine most of our travels this summer will be close enough for us to drive and will involve outdoor activities. We have put a lot of trip ideas on hold waiting for warmer weather. I don’t think either of us want to go hiking in the snow or freezing temperatures, so we opted to wait on those trips.

Here’s a brief list of places we are going/considering for some long weekends:

1. Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan

2. The Indiana Dunes

3. Garden of the Gods State Park in Illinois

4. New York City

5. Seattle, Washington

6. South Dakota

7. Denver, Colorado

8. Isle Royale National Park in Michigan

9. Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota

10. Indianapolis, Indiana to see family of course!

Not sure which we will end of venturing to, but most are a short drive from Chicago, so hopefully those will happen! Where is one place you want to visit this summer?

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