Current Favorites

I usually do these at the beginning or end of the month, but here we are in the middle of February with a favorites post. I got a few gifts for my birthday and Christmas that I have been loving. There are also some other random things thrown in here. I linked most of the clothing/products within the post if you want to check out any of the things I mentioned!

1. Outdoor Voices leggings: I ordered a pair of these leggings on Black Friday. They were really discounted and I heard great things about them! I got them in the color Scarlett and I love them. The red color is fun and reminds me of IU. The fabric is super comfy and I like that the waist can be adjusted so they aren’t falling down during a run. They are a bit pricey, but definitely worth it. Outdoor voices has other clothes too, and I want to get the matching workout top to the pants sometime!

2. Quip toothbrush: My dad got me this toothbrush for Christmas. I have the gold metal one. I decided shortly before Christmas that I really wanted an electric toothbrush, so I was pretty excited. I love that it times out brushing to 2 minutes, so you make sure you are brushing long enough. I also like how clean my teeth feel after using it. The toothbrushes are pretty affordable and come in many different colors!

3. Trader Joe’s Rose Face Mask: This mask came in a set of three and I have mentioned the trio in a previous post. I think I paid 6 or 7 dollars for all three masks, and this is my favorite. I love the rose scent and the way it makes my face feel so clean and hydrated. It’s very affordable, so if you are looking to try out face masks, this could be a good starter. I don’t see it online for the price I paid, but keep an eye out for it in stores!

4. Velvet SPANX leggings: I got these for my birthday back in December. I had heard a bit about SPANX leggings from influencers I follow on Instagram. They are a bit pricy, but look great with a lot of different outfits. I like that they are velvet because they can make a plain, casual outfit look more fun! I wear them with sweaters and boots mainly, but I have worn them with a sweatshirt and sneakers, too!

5. Little hoop earrings: I have been wearing my small hoop earrings for the past two months or so. I got a pack at Target last spring and I love them. I have a gold pair and a silver pair. I usually stick to silver, but prefer the gold. They make you look more put together and add a little sparkle to even the plainest outfits. I linked a similar pair here in gold.

6. Running: I have been pretty good about running lately. It has been fun and relaxing to run after work. I haven’t gone this week, mostly because it has been so cold, but I am making sure to prioritize it more. I find myself smiling on the treadmill and wanting to run longer, so I’d say it’s been going well.

7. Cottage cheese: My love for cottage cheese is back. I have been putting it on my cauliflower rice and just eating it as a side for lunch. I love putting pepper on it to add a little spice. It’s so filling and full of protein. I usually get the Friendly Farms brand at Aldi, but if you are near a Kroger, their cottage cheese is much better.

8. “Just for a Moment” by Gryffin: This is my favorite song right now. I love running to it and honestly smile walking through the city when I listen to it. You gotta love a song that gets you pumped up to workout or just generally excited about life.

9. Peet’s Coffee: Peet’s is on track to be my favorite chain coffee shop ever. I go way too often. I love that they have matcha because other coffee shops nearby don’t. They even have a golden matcha right now, which is good too. The people are nice and know my order. There is also an app to get rewards and it just feels a lot better in the actual shop than places like Dunkin’ (still love Dunkin’) or a Starbucks (not a Starbucks fan though).

What were some of your favorites right now? Any song or podcast recommendations? I am trying to listen to more music because I am always listening to podcasts.

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