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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

I personally love Valentine’s Day and think it’s really fun, but I know a lot of people think it’s overrated and don’t like to go too crazy with gifts. Here are some ideas for last minute/inexpensive but fun gifts!

1. Books: Everyone could use a good book. Get your significant other a book from a genre they like or a book you loved that they would like too.

2. Workout class: just like reading, working out is a fun, healthy gift. Sign up for a workout class with your bf or gf. Orange Theory, boxing, or Soul Cycle would all be fun ideas.

3. Spotify, Netflix, Audible, etc. subscription: I feel like most people have subscription services, but if they don’t, a music, audiobook, or tv subscription would be fun.

4. Phone case: There are so many inexpensive, cute phone cases at places like TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. Pick up a new case for your bf or gf.

5. Oil diffuser: I just got an oil diffuser and I love it. There are a ton on amazon, so throw a diffuser and some essential piles in your cart, and utilize your Amazon Prime account.

6. Face masks: Skin care is perfect for anyone in your life. There are options for any price range. Head over to Ulta, Target, or your favorite brand to find one for your Valentine.

7. Pajamas: I didn’t love pajamas until last year, but especially in the winter, it’s great to have a warm, cozy pair of PJs. Valentine’s Day themed pajamas would be super cute and festive.

8. Favorite Beer, wine, or cocktail ingredients: If you are over 21, getting your significant other a case of their favorite beer, a bottle of their favorite wine, or ingredients for their favorite drinks would be great. You can make/drink the cocktails together too, which is always fun!

9. Spotify playlist: This is super easy, but still thoughtful. Create a shared Spotify playlist with your bf/gfs favorite songs, songs you think they would love, and some of your favorites.

10. Framed photo: Another easy gift, but cute. Print out some of your favorite photo(s) and get a nice frame (or frames). Framed photos are great for a desk at work, a dorm room, etc.

11. Heart shaped foods of any kind: Heart shaped pizzas, donuts, bagels, etc. are all cute and delicious. I know I would be excited about any heart shaped food item. Last year I got Connor and I red, heart shaped bagels to celebrate.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? What are you getting your significant other for Valentine’s Day? Any traditions? Also, am I the only one who thinks themed donuts are the best for Valentine’s Day (haha)?

4 thoughts on “Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts”

  1. I LOVE Valentine’s Day! I have an idea for a gift for my mom but need to figure out something for my dad. lol! I also will probably have to print a picture of what the gift is for my mom because it likely won’t get here before V-Day, but it’s the thought that counts right? Do you give Valentine’s Day gifts to anyone besides your boyfriend? I haven’t but as I am not in a serious relationship this year I still wanted to celebrate the day of LOVE! 🙂

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    1. It is always hard for me to find gifts for my dad too for basically any occasion. Let me know what you decide on! I always need ideas. I usually just get Connor something, but I have something for my sister this year too! I want to bring in donuts to work for my coworkers because a lot of places are having cute themed ones! And I love an excuse for fun donuts.


      1. Ellie – I am thinking about getting my dad a card (of course … he loves them and keeps them) a gift card to his favorite restaurant (Panera – he travels a lot for work and its an easy place for him to go while on the road) and his favorite cookies/candies! Yes, probably could think of something else but I like to get him stuff he’ll use and love instead of trying to be too inventive and potentially miss the mark! 😉

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