Chicago Life Update: I Have Been Living/Working In Chicago For 6 Months Now!!

If you have been following along with my posts, you’ll know that I recently moved to Chicago. By recently, I mean 6 months ago!! This post is my 6 month update.

I won’t make this post too long, but I just want to share some things I have enjoyed and learned since moving here. In general, I love Chicago. It’s a great city with lots to do. I can’t say the winter is my favorite, but it hasn’t been too bad. I think it’s kind of funny how cold it has been and seeing how much the city and the train empties when the weather is bad.

I have loved exploring the city. Of course, the actual city is great, but I like the neighborhoods throughout the best. Andersonville, Logan Square, and Wicker Park are some areas I really like. There is great food and lots of places to explore (mostly in the summer).

My apartment has been great so far. It’s a little small for Connor and I, but it has done the job. It was recently renovated before we moved in, so we haven’t had any issues and we have definitely made it a home.

My job, the whole reason I even moved to Chicago, is good. I love my coworkers and am happy we have all become friends. There are a lot of good opportunities ahead, so that is fun to look forward to.

I have found a bunch of coffee shops and restaurants I like. I have posted about most of them, but I love that I can try out so many new places. I hope to try all of the ramen in Chicago and keep finding new coffee shops each weekend. I have a list of many more I want to try, and I will be sure to do a post of my overall favorites sometime in the future.

My biggest complaint about Chicago is the grocery shopping situation. Especially in the winter, I really dread it. In the summer we walk and carry our bags about a mile. That’s not terrible because it’s warm. But now that it’s winter, heading out to Aldi is not my favorite. Also, groceries are expensive here if you don’t go to Aldi or Trader Joe’s. I miss my favorite Krogers in Indiana.

My key learning from the past 6 months is related to change, challenges, and new experiences. I feel like we all worry about what the next step of our life is going to be or about change. I have realized that I am almost always ready for any changes or opportunities that arise. Change and new situations can be scary, but I know I am prepared and ready for the challenges and new experiences. I am trying o embrace new things more readily and know that I can take on anything. The past 6 months have really helped me realize that!

5 thoughts on “Chicago Life Update: I Have Been Living/Working In Chicago For 6 Months Now!!”

  1. Eek … a mile of walking to get groceries. That would be TOUGH! Do you have a car? If so, if you drive to the suburbs you WILL find Kroger’s and it WILL more than likely be cheaper than shopping in the city. I live about 2 hrs south of the city and while I enjoy traveling to the city on occasion, I am not sure I could live there all of the time. How did you guys handle to Arctic Freeze??

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    1. My boyfriend has a car, so occasionally we try to get groceries somewhere else! Kroger would be worth the drive for sure!! The arctic freeze was definitely interesting. I ended up taking an Uber to work each day to avoid the walk to the train! It was weird how empty the city was! How was the cold for you?


      1. Ellie … we survived the Arctic Freeze … I honestly think it because we aren’t protected by all of the big buildings down in the “middle of no where” we were hit a lot harder by the cold. We were told by our company to work from home Wednesday and Thursday and by early morning thursday I was more than ready to get out of the house! We also had to fight so hard to keep the house at 70 degrees. Did your apartment struggle to keep the cold out at all? Also, if you ever head south to St. Louis for example on I-55 your half way point Bloomington-Normal has a couple of Krogers and then I think there are a few more up north too! 🙂

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      2. Oh gosh that does not sound fun. I was definitely happy to go to work those colder days just to get out of the house. Our apartment did ok! I think we set the temp at like 75 and it was 72, so not too bad! I will definitely have to keep those Kroger’s in mind! Thanks for the recs😊

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